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Obedience Training and Siberian Husky

Fortunately a Siberian husky has one good quality in obedience training: she or he learns really fast new commands. The down sides are that a husky gets easily bored and can be difficult to motivate. The Siberian can lock.

You can motivate a Siberian husky with dog treats or toys, but now and then they don't interest these arctic animals. Then one method is to try raw meat or start the lesson another time. You must get the Siberian to believe that it is fun to learn new commands.

The lessons must be short and the husky should be released often. Don't forget to reward the Siberian husky.

When the dog disobeys, some trainers recommend to leave the dog without notice. Then a dog should return to the trainer flattering. This method doesn't work with the independent Siberian husky. If you leave the husky without notice, she or he can begin to sleep or may go its own way.

We recommend not to use any sanction to a Siberian husky. It is much easier and more effective to use positive methods.

If a Siberian husky locks, it is stupid to use any sanction. You must at first release the dog. After that you can continue the lesson.


Luna. Photo by Anne Kiijärvi. 2001. The command down subjugates the dog. When Luna was at bad age, we used strong sanction and power to get her down. This was a bad mistake. In the real world Luna locked. The right way is to release the husky and after that restart the training of the command down.

When a dog doesn't obey, it is usual to pull suddenly from the leash attached to the collar as a punishment to the dog. Never do this to any dog. This may damage the neck of the dog. A Siberian husky with a damaged neck can't work as a sled dog. The dog connects the pain to what she or he sees. Let us assume that you and your dog meet another dog. Your dog pulls from the leash to get contact with the other dog. You punish your dog by pulling suddenly from the leash. Your dog feels the pain in its neck and probably connects the pain to the other dog. After that your dog may be aggressive to other dogs. It is obvious that this is not your aim.

Because a Siberian husky doesn't allow many errors in obedience training, you can learn much about obedience training with a Siberian husky.


Anne and Luna in Littoinen. Photo by Riita Kiijärvi. 2000. We wondered how to teach the command tell to quiet Luna. By chance Antti's football was in a shopping bag. When somebody moved this bag, Luna barked once. So we connected at first the tell command to the moving of the bag.

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