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In addition to obedience trials we have participated trials that test the suitability of the dog in society.

In obedience we have in Finland four classes, which are from the lowest to the highest novices, open, winner and special winner. A couple of huskies have competed in the winner's class, but none in special winner.

BH-trial is mainly used for working dogs. This trial measures how well a dog behaves in society.

Kiva Dog Citizen Test measures the suitability of a dog to society. The training has not so great effect to the result as in BH-trial, but the character of the dog is more important. I think that Kiva Dog Citizen Test reminds of AKC's Canine Good Citizen test.

[Anne and Witsi]

Anne and Witsi. Photo by Antti Kiijärvi. 2008-06-16.

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