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Geea meets a bear


Geea and Nome were on the stand of the arctic sled dogs in Hunting Exhibition of Riihimäki.

It is nowadays denied to test hunting dogs with chain bears. So some Finnish hunters have developed for this purpose a machine bear. It consists of a stuffed bear that stays on a carriage of an electric wheelchair. The machine bear has remote control. The name of the machine bear is Pena. Pena has the scent of a real bear. About 10-15 % of hunting dogs pass the Pena test.

The hunters at the exhibition wanted to test breeds that are not hunting dogs. So they tested both Nome and Geea. From Nome's test there exist no document, but it is probable that Nome could hunt a bear.

Geea went to Pena test on a local football field. There were many spectators in this test. Geea was frightened by Pena. She run for safety to an unknown hunter. Antti took a video of Geea's Pena test with a mobile phone. Thus the quality of the video is not very good, but it is interesting.

The video is available in two ways:

  1. You can load it from here in QuickTime's mp4 format.
  2. Look at it in Photobucket.
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