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Gold Rush Run

2015-04-10 - 2015-04-11

Gold Rush Run in Tankavaara Goldvillage was the last race of the season 2014-2015. Anne participated the sport class, in which the distance was 2x45 km in two days. The maximum number of the dogs in the start was five. In the finish line you had to have at least three dogs.

In the first day Anne's team consisted of SePe, Siina (leader), Sola (leader), Taiku and Yepla. In the second day Yepla was dropped from the team because of foot injury.

Anne's team was the fifth and the best registered Siberian team in their class.

You can't mush in this kind of races without a handler. This time Kata and Lysti were the handlers of Anne's team. Special thanks to Kata and Lysti.

In Youtube there is short video of Gold Rush Run. A little after time 2:20 Anne and our huskies come to the finish in the second day.

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First published: 2015-05-23.
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