Latest version 1.4.7 (April 20th 2013)

What is it?

CFX_OpenImage is a (Allaire/Macromedia... Adobe) ColdFusion CFX C++ tag for image manipulation routines. The CFX_OpenImage is using GraphicsMagick engine, the swiss army knife of image processing for reliable, fast and quality imaging. GraphicMagick (GM) provides a robust and efficient collection of tools and libraries which support reading, writing, and manipulating an image in over 88 major formats including important formats like DPX, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, PDF, PNM, and TIFF. Although CFX_OpenImage does not contain the GM utility applications (animate, composite, conjure, compare... etc), it extends the GM with IML (Image Manipulation Language) scripting allowing to use easy-to-learn scripting in one single call.
Note: It is a C++ tag and works only on Windows platforms (Win32 and Win64). I have no plans for its usage on Linux/Unix.

It is almost compatible with CFX_Image (see Open_IML_Commands.xls). I've included quite amount of examples of it's use e.g multiple methods of resizing images.


Download version 1.4.7



- recommended installationpath is C:\cfx_openimage\ directory. If this is not used, an enviroment variable CFX_OPENIMAGE_FULLPATH must be set to tell the installation path


- you must have C:\Temp directory

Release notes
Version 1.4.7 (2013-04-20):
- IPTC creation date parser error fixed (reported by Robert Curfman)
- Upgraded to current GraphicsMagick stable branch 1.3.18
- No updates to documentation

Version 1.4.6 (2013-03-07):
- False exception thrown when encountering corrupt IPTC data (reported by Steven Klotz)
- Upgraded to current GraphicsMagick stable branch 1.3.17
- noprofile IML command changed to use GraphicMagick's new strip() function
- Minor updates to documentation

Version 1.4.5 (2012-04-01):
- Correction to tile and stroke patterns when using large memory images.
- Updates to documentation

Version 1.4.4 (2012-03-25):
- Now supporting also 64bit Windows platforms, see documentation for installation instructions
- Upgraded to current GraphicsMagick stable branch 1.3.14
- Updates to documentation

Version 1.4.3 (2011-01-04):
- Added bline IML-command (Bresenham's line algorithm)
- Updates to documentation
- Updates to some iml examples

Version 1.4.2 (2010-12-27)
- Added killstrokeantialias IML-command
- Upgraded to current GraphicsMagick stable branch 1.3.12
- Corrected some documentation

Version 1.4.1 (2010-05-14):
- Added PASTE_IPTC action. The benefit for using this action is that it is one of the very few tools that have an ability to edit an image's IPTC header without having to write the file (effectively compressing again).
- Corrected some documentation (reported by Trevor Orr)

Version 1.4.0 (2009-09-21):
- Added mandatory cfx_openimage.ini configuration file for security settings (sort of sandboxing)
- Major change: Changed ImageMagick 5.5.6 to GraphicsMagick 1.3.7 (2009-09-17)
- Added release notes and installation instructions.
- Added license agreement

Version 1.3.5 (2007-04-27):
- fixed corrupt jpeg (produce a warning) (reported by Oliver Vidinovski)
- fixed SOI Marker handling (reported by Thomas Lachie)
- checked Open_IML_Commands.xls file and made some corrections

Version 1.3.4:
- resize x,y,bounds behaviour changed to understand both x and y values better (reported by Oblio Leitch)
- added readaction.txt, pingaction.txt and imlaction.txt documentation
Version 1.3.3:
- Error handling: handle all non-fatal errors as warnings in reading/writing/colorspace conversions (reported by John N. Brahy)

Version 1.3.2:
- Added noprofile IML-command: removes profile (ICC,IPTC,EXIF) information from the image

Version 1.3.1:
- ImageMagick modification: IPTC/NAA EXIF information bug generated server error (reported by Jason Gray).

Version 1.3:
- ImageMagick modification: Don't let corrupt EXIF overflow the stack (reported by Ivo Verbeek).

Version 1.2:
- You can install it elsewhere, but you'll need to set an enviroment variable pointing this tag DLL: