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8.12.2007 Helsinki INT show
Judge Åge Gjetnes, Norway
Viri, Ch Scheik´s Comando G
18.11.2007 Jyväskylä INT show
Judge Jill Peak, GB
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man EXC/3
3.11.2007 Lahti GROUPSHOW
Judge Raisa Savander
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/2, Best Male 4th, res-CC
28.10.2007 Lahti INT
Judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man VG/3
Hula (Carry On Ramblin´Man), Viri (Scheik´s Comando) & Hupi (Twyborn Philadelphia) were eyetested and they all had clean eyes!
30.9.2007 Lurecoursing-competition Helsinki, Tuomarinkartano
Juku, Strippoker´s Forbidden Love qualifying heats: 232 points & 242 points at finals; out of 28 participants he was 9th with CQ.

Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man gained 196 points at qualifying heats and was 24th. 

8.9.2007 Porvoo NAT
Judge Jarmo Vuorinen, Scheik´s Whippets, Finland
Luxi, Monetblue EXC/2
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia VG/-
18.8.2007 Kouvola NAT
Judge Annukka Paloheimo, Finland
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/2, Best Male 4th, res-CC
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man, got his LC-licence today!
4.8.2007 Turku NAT
Judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man EXC/2, Best Male 2nd, res-CC
28.7.2007 Vantaa NAT
Judge Susan Badick, Canada
Luxi, Monetblue G
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia VG/2
22.7.2007 Hyvinkää NAT
Judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia VG/4
21.7.2007 Helsinki GROUP 10 show
Judge Björg Foss, Norway
Luxi, Monetblue VG/4
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia VG/-
15.7.2007 Lurecoursing-competition Luhtikylä, Orimattila
Juku, Strippoker´s Forbidden Love qualifying heats: 223 points; out of 23 participants he was 15th. 
30.6. 2007 Tuusula NAT show
Judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/2, Best Male 4th
Juku, Strippoker´s Forbidden Love, got his LC-licence today!
17.6.2007 Hämeenlinna NAT show
Judge Harto Stockmari, Finland
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man EXC/1, Best Male 4th
After tracktraining and dogshows Team Kenzongos boys takes always time to spend enjoyable moment in sun!
9.6.2007 Mustiala SPEC show
Judge: Cathie Brown, Bluestreak Whippets, GB
Luxi, Monetblue not placed
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man EXC/-
Viri, Scheik´s Comando EXC/-
Hula´s (Carry On Ramblin´Man) sperm was tested 4.6.2007. It was lively and fine!
19.5.2007 Helsinki INT show
Judge Tuula Savolainen, Finland
Luxi, Monetblue 2nd with HP
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/3
13.5.2007 Hamina NAT show
Judge Branislav Rajic, Slovenia
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man EXC/1, Best Male 3rd
28.4.2007 Lahti INT show
Judge Andrew Beare, Ireland
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/1
"2,5 yrs old fawn. Overall well balanced. Good head & expression. Dark eye. Good underjaw. Scissor bite. Ears well set, would like them a little smaller. Good reach of neck. Well laid shoulders. Deep brisket, fair arched. Excellent hindquarters. Good tailset. In excellent muscle. Reaches and drives with purpose."