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Thank you!  This rose is for You and your Whippet!
Team Kenzongos want to thank each and every of you Hupi-, Hula- and Viripuppies owners. Being so active with your lovely Whippets you have delighted our days in so many ways and made me and my boys very proud. It is not just all the wins and achievements, that is the cream over cake, but by taking all that interest in lurecoursing -trainings & -competitions, trackracing, in many showrings & agilitytraining and so on... Keep up the good work!

Some of the results during 2008:
Miyessa Aslanthelion (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Belltown Blackballet) went BOB-junior under Svante Frisk, Sweden and took also res-CC. Under Martha Heine, Aslan went all over the way to BM-4.
From same litter:
Jagodas Gingembre (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Aaniston An Outstanding Filly) took CC and was BB-4 in our Specialty under Iva Kimmelman, Merci Isle,
Jagodas Girouette took two res-CC´s and ran in her first lc-competition, Jagodas Groseille took three res-CC´s from showrings and gained her first lc-CC,
Jagodas Gros Bonnet took CC under Markku Kipinä, Finland & Jagodas Grosse Bise was 10th best rookie in Sweden!

From same litter:
Fin Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Best-Looking Blooming Martha) finished his FIN CH-title
& Best-Looking Blooming Safir took CC.
From same litter:
Gaselle´s Greatest Hits (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Gaselle´s La Scala) took two CC´s, one res-CC and res-Cacib during 2008,
Gaselle´s Get On ran his PB at tracks; 19,46 s/280 m!
From same litter:
Bicolour Tourmaline Dominija (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Boxing Helena´s Coral Gem) took SO many wins at 2008 it will be easiest to just click this link to see them all!
Balmy Limonite Dominija made us also proud so many times that it will be easiest to find all her achievement from her own site.
Be Pretty Celestine Dominija took qualifying CC´s to become LT & LV & MD Champion!


From same litter:
Gaselle´s Titleist (Ch Carry On Ramblin Man x Gaselle´s Sempre Amore) took BOB & BIG-2 puppy under Rune Fagerström, Finland.
Gaselle´s Tiger Woods took two BOS-puppy wins! Under Vanna Leathart, GB (Ringmore Whippets) and Martha Heine, Germany.
Everlasting Desire Dominija (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Ch Boxing Helena´s Coral Gem) was BIS-1 puppy under Galina Strelkova, Russia.


Dog to notice - Helsinki INT 14.12.2008
This is Miyessa Aslanthelion (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Belltown Blackballet) who was 2nd in huge juniorclass in Helsinki INT. (13 males in class) Later on he went also BM-4 (total amount of males 31) which is just a magnificent result to this handsome male, shown second time in rings.
Congratulations goes to his breeder Anu and owner Tiina and thanks for the pic to Antti Ruotsalo.


Hulakids has started their showcareers
With very flattering results!
In Lithuania, Siauliai, 19.10.2008; Marko, Everlasting Desire Dominija (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Ch Boxing Helena´s Coral Gem) was BIS-1 puppy!
Judge Galina Strelkova, Russia.
On pic beside you can see happy couple celebrating their win!

Congratulations Asta & Marko!
In Finland, Lahti puppyshow 26.10.2008; Hilma, Gaselle´s Titleist (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Gaselle´s Sempre Amore) was BOB & BIG-2 puppy!
Judge Rune Fagerström, Finland.
Congratulations Joann & Irina & Hilma!
Lahti groupshow 1.11.2008; Rico, Gaselle´s Tiger Woods (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Gaselle´s Sempre Amore) was BOS-puppy!
Judge Vanna Leathart, Great Britain. (Ringmore-Whippets)
Congratulations Ida & Rico!


Birthdayboys Luxi, Hupi & Viri!
They all celebrated their birthdays in October!
First was Luxi, born 5.10. He just became 2 yrs!
Secondly Viri, born 17.10. who was just celebrating his 5th birthday.
Third was Hupi, born 26.10. He turned 4 yrs.
Congratulations to all my birthdayboys!

Picture is taken 18.10.



28.9.2008 lurecoursing-competition Helsinki, Tuomarinkartano
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man (in picture beside) took 190 points in qualifying heats. Total amount of dogs were 43, and Hula was 35th.
Luxi, Monetblue, gained 230 points in qualifying heats & 189 at final; total points were 419 with CQ. His placement was 15th.
This was Luxi´s second competition. In Hiittenharju, Harjavalta, 31.8. Luxi ran his first race with magnificent result; 489 points with CQ. In this race he was 9th out of 29 Whippets.
Two competitions and both times CQ, what an eager runner! And yes, it has been a surprise for me, because Luxi has been trained so rarely and little.
Well done, boys!
Picture is taken by Esa Riikonen.


RIP Juku  6.12.2005-10.9.2008
A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam
And for a brief moment its glory
and beauty belong to our world
But then it flies again
And though we wish it could have stayed...
We feel lucky to have seen it.

- Author Unknown

Sleep well and safe my beautiful boy.
We all miss you.

Anita, Lelu, Hula, Viri, Hupi & Luxi


BOB-junior Miyessa Aslanthelion Helsinki NAT 7.9.2008
Miyessa Aslanthelion (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Belltown Blackballet) was shown at Helsinki 7.9., his first time in official class.
And what a debut he did! He was BOB-junior out of 6 Whippets and took also res-CC. Judge for juniors was Svante Frisk, Sweden, and in other classes G. Tesics, Hungary.
Aslan was unofficial BM-5, judge picked up 5; in our rings we place 4. Alltogether in show were 23 males.
What a great start to this handsome male!
Congratulations to Tiina & Aslan and also to his proud breeder, Anu!



Fin Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn Valkeakoski NAT 23.8.2008
Best-Looking Brooklyn (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Best-Looking Blooming Martha) took his qualifying CC at Valkeakoski NAT 23.8. He was also BM-3, total amount of males was 20.
Judge was Gabriela Ridarcikova, Slovakia.
Congratulations to Jutta & Leevi, you made us very proud!
picture is taken by Marita Furu



3.8.2008 INT lurecoursing-competition Nokia, Tampere
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man gained 225 points from qualifying heats & 228 at finals; total points were 453. Out of alltogether 71 participants Hula was 30th. In INT class (where he was running), out of 18 participants he was 10th and took his first CQ from lurecoursing! Well done, my precious boy!

Juku, Strippoker´s Forbidden Love took 219 points from qualifying heats and 212 at finals; total points were 431 (9/14) with CQ! (oversized Whippets run in their own class). This was Juku´s third CQ from lurecoursing.

28.6. & 29.6. Järvenpää NAT & 5.7.2008 Mikkeli NAT
28.6. Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man G
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia VG/2
29.6. Judge Garry Dryburg, Australia (Tezer)
Luxi, Monetblue VG/4
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/3

5.7. Judge Markku Kipinä, Finland
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man VG/1
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/1, BM-1, BOB

What a magnificent day we had in Team Kenzongos! Hupi took breed but above all; Hupi´s son Jagodas Gros Bonnet gained his first CC being BM-2 and Hupi´s daughter Best-Looking Blooming Safir gained also her first CC being BB-2!! HUGE congratulations goes to Into & Suvi and Siiri & Mira, well done!

Also big thanks goes to Mariikka Ala-Maakala, who showed Hupi in groupring so beautifully and well!

14.6.2008 Forssa INT
Judge Kari Järvinen, Finland
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man VG/4
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/1, BD-3, CC & New Fin Ch!!!

1.6.2008 Mustiala SPEC
Judge Susanne Oschinski, Germany (Whipcat)
(for males)
Iva Kimmelman, US (Merci Isle)
(for females)
Out of my six males five were shown:
Luxi, Monetblue VG/-
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man EXC/-
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/-
Viri, Scheik´s Comando EXC/-
Lelu, Zootsuits Night Flights EXC/-

To Hupikids this show was more than magnificent!
First in juniorbitches Tuikku, Jagodas Gingembre won her class (17 entries), ended up BB-4, took CC and was BIS-junior! Second in intermediate class Kenia, Gaselle´s Greatest Hits won also her class (10 entries) and ended up BOS-young! And last but not at all least, Leevi, Best-Looking Brooklyn WON MALES! He took his class (9 entries), was BM-1, took CC, was BIS-young & BOS in show!

picture by Marita Furu

BIS-junior Jagodas Gingembre
BOS-junior C´mere Icy Blackberry

BIS Pojanrinteen Pandora
BOS Best-Looking Brooklyn

We in Team Kenzongos send you all our warmest congratulations; Tuikku & Heli, Kenia & Irina and Leevi & Jutta!!!
24.5.2008 Hamina INT
Judge Leni Finne, Finland
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man VG/3
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/2, BD-4, res-cacib

At same weekend in Helsinki Aptus 25.5. Hupi´s son Leevi, Best-Looking Brooklyn was BD-4 with res-CC.
Congratulations to Jutta & Leevi!
18.5.2008 Lurecoursing-competition Lieto, Turku
Juku, Strippoker´s Forbidden Love gained 205 points from qualifying heats & 230 points at finals; total points were this time 435. Out of 38 participants he was 21st with CQ.

Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man gained 222 points at qualifying heats and 0 from finals because he unfortunately lost the rabbit. Out of 38 participants he was 33rd.

Luca, Gaselle´s Get On gained alltogether 491 points, got his first lurecoursing-CC and was the days best Whippet!

Congratulations to Ida & Luca and to breeder Irina, knl Gaselle´s! Juku´s coursingpicture is taken by Jaska S. In other picture happy owner Ida and his magnificent boy, Luca!

17.5.2008 Alytys, NAT & Suolahti groupshow
Hupi´s daughter Gema, Bicolour Tourmaline Dominija, had a marvellous day at Alytys NAT 17.5.2008.
First she took a CC (her 7th), was BOB and ended up BIG-1 & BIS-4!!!!
Judge was Andrzey Szutkiewicz, Poland.

Congratulations to Asta & Gema!

At same day, in Suolahti groupshow, Jagodas Groseille, Hupi´s daughter, ended up Best Bitch 3rd with res-CC. Judge Outi Piisi-Putta, Finland
Congratulations to Sanna and Kati & Peppi!
10.5.2008 Turenki groupshow
Judge Helina Jürgens-Simberg, Estonia
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man EXC/-
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/-

Hupi´s kid did well at the same show:
Best-Looking Brooklyn was Best Male 2nd with res-CC

Congratulations to Jutta & Leevi!

In photo below Leevi is pictured today, at age of 21 mths.

27.4.2008 Lahti INT
Judge Rony Doedijns, Netherlands
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man VG/4

Hupi´s kids did well at the same day:
Gaselle´s Greatest Hits was Best Bitch 2nd with res-CC and res-cacib.
At Genk (Belgium), Balmy Limonite Dominija, won CC and ended up BOB. Judge was Louis Dehaes.

Congratulations to Irina & Kenia and to Bart & Lima!
13.4.2008 and 15.4.2008
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man became a father!

13.4. 5+3 puppies were born at knl Gaselle´s, Finland.

15.4. 4+1 puppies were born at knl Dominija, Lithuania.
My sweet Lelu celebrates his 10th birthday, many happy returns!

16.3.2008 Tampere INT
Judge Annukka Paloheimo
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/3
Viri, Scheik´s Comando VG/4
11.3.2008 Kaarina GROUPSHOW
Judge Stephen Wheeler, Sweden
Luxi, Monetblue EXC/4
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia VG/-
Critiques are written in my Blog.
At Finnish Show whippet of the year 2007 competition Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man was 14th.
27.1.2008 Turku INT show
Judge Espen Engh, Norway
Luxi, Monetblue VG/3
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia EXC/2, res-CC