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6.9. Super Sunday for Hupi- and Hulakids
Few Hupi- and Hulakids were shown 6.9. at Vantaa NAT. 51 Whippets entered. (5+17+29). Judge was Seamus Oates, Ireland. 
In males Miyessa Aslanthelion (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Belltown Blackballet) took EXC/1 in open class and ended up BM-2 with CC! Aslan is now 13th Hupipup which gained CC.
In bitches Gaselle´s Titleist (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Gaselle´s Sempre Amore) won her class with EXC.
Miyessa Adelinda (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Belltown Blackballet was EXC/1 in intermediate class.
Gaselle´s Greatest Hits (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Gaselle´s La Scala) won huge open class (15 bitches!) and took BB-3 placement with her qualifying CC! Kenia is now FI & RU Ch!
Meanwhile Essential Alternative Dominija (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Ch Boxing Helena´s Coral Gem) was at ring in Poland, Sighthound Club Show, which was judged by Bitte Ahrens, Italy. (Sobers). William won his class (5 males entered) and he took Junior Polish Club Winner -09 -title.
Congratulations to Aslan & Tiina, Hilma & Joanna, Linda & Anu, Kenia & Irina and William & Tomasz!

In photo above is new FI & RU Ch Gaselle´s Greatest Hits pictured 6.9.

2.8. Lurecoursing-competition Tampere, Tottijärvi + some shownews from Sweden & Finland
Luxi, Monetblue, took 217 points from qualifying heats & 229 at final. Total points were 446 with CQ. His placement was 4/10. Well done, Luxi!
Papu, Gaselle´s Top Spin (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Gaselle´s Sempre Amore) was running in his very first competition and took flattering placement 2/10 with CQ and total points were 484! Superly well done Papu & Marjo!
Meanwhile in Sweden, Tähti, Jagodas Grosse Bise (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Aaniston An Outstanding Filly) was shown 8.8. in Swedish Sighthoundclub Specialty, judged by Wim Wiersma, Holland. Tähti took her 2nd CC and ended up BIS-4 after selected BOB out of 49 Whippets! Congratulations Tähti & Mia!
15.8. was held a NAT show in Joensuu where Eppu, Emeritus Experience Dominija (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Ch Boxing Helena´s Coral Gem) took BM-4 result with res-CC! Judge was Blaz Kavcic, Slovenia. My warm congratulations Eppu & Jaana & Piia!

  Tähti trotting to her success in Sweden, pic by Pernilla Öberg

Linda BOS at Tuusula NAT 4.7.2009
I was visiting Tuusula NAT 4.7.2009 just to show few dogs and I had also my Canon with.
Day´s final result was more than flattering when Miyessa Adelinda (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Belltown Blackballet) took BOS with CC!
She was 11th Hupipup gaining CC!

On pic above BOB Whiptails Salt´n Pepper & BOS Miyessa Adelinda.
Judge was Dianna Spavin, GB.

MORE pictures from show.
Well done Anu & Linda, you made us very proud!



Lots of new Team Kenzongos pics are loaded in following files; Newest, Go for a walk!, Hulapuppies, both here and here, new Nastia -pics here, and dont forget to visit Relatives -site here.
My 1g is updated really often, just check under "UUSI" label and you will find the latest ones!


Team Kenzongos has moved!
Our new address is: Hevoshaantie 24 B 25, 01200 Vantaa, Finland.
We live further on in two floors -flat with 84m2. Nearby is Hakunila´s huge woods and much better walking areas as before.




Lelu Laukkanen, Zootsuits Night Flights, celebrates his 11th birthday!
Have a sunny and happy birthday my sweet little boy!

wishes Anita, Hula, Viri, Hupi & Luxi and ofcourse Paris Hilton, too!

8.3.2009 Lurecoursing-competition in Mustiala
Luxi, Monetblue, took 221 points and was placed 9th out of 12. We had really sunny and nice day and Luxi enjoyed a lot running in snow!
picture is taken by Susanne Siponmaa


Happy Birthday, Hula!
My sweet Hula, Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man turns 6 yrs today!

Have a nice birthday,
Anita, Lelu, Viri, Hupi & Luxi


Year 2008 Best Progeny Male in Finland

In Finland we count bitches and males results together, and because the best progeny Whippet year 2008 was a bitch (Ch Peperone Partyline) and Hupi came second in list it means that he is The Best Progeny Male in Finland at year 2008!
Hupi´s sire, Ch Klenod´s Qhavat was a winner male in same competition in Sweden and his dam, Ch Twyborn Swanley Gem took title in bitches section. What a super Three Wins!

Hupi has now sired 6 litters, 4 in Finland (in Gaselle´s-, Best-Looking-, Jagodas- & Miyessa -kennels), 1 in Lithuania (Dominija) and 1 in Italy (HailHare). In his Finnish litters he has 1 champion, 4 dogs with CC´s, 3 of them taken res-CC´s and 4 of them has lc-results.

In Lithuania he has 2 champions, while 1 exported bitch to Russia has 5 CC´s and one exported bitch to Belgium is champion in two countries and gained a superwin in her class at Crufts!
In his latest litter in Italy there is already a BIS-puppy winner!
Me and Hupi want to thank you all to achieve this super title in Finland which shows that Hupi is a very smart and worth progeny male indeed. Hupi is not just superlooking but also a very nice fellow to live with, having such a melting and loving character!
I want to send my warmest thanks to his breeder in Sweden; Michael Vikström who sent this jewel to Finland and to Tuula Plathan & Marianna Plathan who helped me to fullfill my dream and offered their help so Hupi could join our pack in year 2005.
At year 2009 we are going to continue our lurecoursing-training and hopefully Hupi will have his lc-licence later on!
You can visite his progeny picture pages at my 1g with all latest and fresh additions: here
Hupi´s own picture page (updated often) here
Hupi stacked can be seen here
And here you can see Hupi at shows
It is January 2009!
I wanted to post this sunny pic about Hupi and January´s sun reminding us that days are becoming longer and brighter, slowly but surely! And January´s sun can be really powerful, as you can see!
In near future there will not be any showresults coming, our next show seems to be in April. Still waiting for this years lurecoursing-schedule as well final results from Whippet Of The Year 2008 -competition. It seems, however, that Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Best-Looking Blooming Martha) has taken 3rd place in male-list, which is superly well done! Also Gaselle´s Greatest Hits (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Gaselle´s La Scala) is in bitches list at place 8. I will confirm these results later on.
Though, I want already send my huge congratulations to you all; Jutta & Leevi and Irina & Kenia from these superb results and placements!




I enclose also latest picture taken from Emeritus Experience Dominija (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Ch Boxing Helena´s Coral Gem). "Eppu" is owned by Jaana Rautasalo & Piia Issakainen (Jagodas), Finland. Eppu is now 9mths old and is correctly sized ~51 cm and showing a lot of balance, too; he can easily stand at sofa´s back rest, as you can see! ;)
I wish you all a Succesful Year 2009!