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19.9.2010 Some highlights from 2010!

C.I.B FI & EE & LT Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Best-Looking Blooming Martha) did his very best at Tervakoski INT 28.8.2010 being selected BOB & BIG-4! Judge in breedring Kirsti Louhi, Finland and in groupring Natasa Blanusa, Croatia.
This handsome and such a happy fellow keeps gaining nice placements and wins year after year. Our heartfelt congratulations to all concerned. Especially Jutta, his owner, who keeps up good spirit in all rings, in every country! Their latest achievement is lc-licence; can´t wait to see this boy running!
Picture beside BOS Whiptails Milk´n Honey & BOB Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn.
Pic is taken by Kirsi Aalto.

15.8.2010 was held an international coursing-competition at Mustiala, Forssa. From our team both Luxi and Hupi participated, but due Hula´s accident at parking area, only Hupi ran in finals.
Hupi, Ch Twyborn Philadelphia, surely made my day better after the tragic fight between two Whippets; Hula got biten by other Whippet all of a sudden and vet had to sew seven stitches to his neck!
I am so happy to tell that Hula is healed very well and after taking care of his wounds for 3 weeks he is perfectly well now.
At lurecoursing field Hupi did his best. 19 oversized Whippets took part, and Hupi ended 6th among all! He took 227+224 points from qualifying heats + finals and all together gained 451 points and took his very first CQ in his 3rd competition!
No need to tell that I am so proud of this boy!
(Copyrighted) picture is taken by Irene Vinha.


Ch Miyessa Aslanthelion (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Belltown Blackballet) has had some extremely fantastic moments in rings!
First he took his qualifying CC to become CH at 25.7.2010 in Helsinki under judge Raisa Savander, Finland.
Just after 6 weeks from that show, 4.9.2010, he was at ring again in Helsinki. This time judged by Marja Talvitie, Finland. He was the only male who got EXC, and ended up BOS! We in Team Kenzongos couldn´t be more proud! Heartfelt congratulations to all concerned.
In picture beside BOS Ch Miyessa Aslanthelion and BOB Ch Endeavor Of Spellbound.
Pic is taken by Nina Viskari.
29.3.2010 Lelu Laukkanen celebrates his 12th birthday!
Today Lelu Laukkanen, Zootsuits Night Flights, celebrates his 12th birthday!
Wow, have a nice & happy birthday my sweetie!
wishes: Anita, Hula, Viri, Hupi & Luxi!

Lelu´s official birthdaycard is offered by
28.2. Lurecoursing-competition Mustiala, Tammela
Luxi, Monetblue, took 235 points from qualifying heats & 215 at final. Total points were 450 with CQ. His placement was 5/12. Well done, Luxi! Out of 7 competitions Luxi has now taken 5 CQ´s!
Hupi, Ch Twyborn Philadelphia run in his very first race! I couldn´t be more proud of this 5,5 yr old male who seems to be like wine; getting better when getting older. As a youngster he was not eager after lure at all, but last summer he showed that kind of a talent that I had no other option but gain a coursing licence to him.
He ran alone and achieved very flattering result to a rookie; 205 points. All other areas were CH-quality but he did not choose his running lines smart enough. I can easily forgive this to him, because it was his first competition! 
So; Luxi´s result was not surprising me but Hupi´s did. First time muzzled and what a clean & eager run!

Hupi´s son Gaselle´s Get On (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Gaselle´s La Scala) took 485 points and ended up 5th out of 10.
Hula´s son Gaselle´s Top Shot (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Gaselle´s Sempre Amore) took 484 points and was 3rd out of 12.
(copyrighted) pictures by Irene Vinha
MORE pictures from Mustiala can be seen here.

Coursing results from year 2009
From this link you can find all lc-results considering Hupi- & Hulapups! They did really well!
In picture beside is Gaselle´s Top Spin (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Gaselle´s Sempre Amore) who will be invited to Suomi Cup 2010 -competition for Best Coursing Whippets which took the best results during 2009 from fields! 
(copyrighted) picture is taken by Irene Vinha



Read about how did year 2009 go with Hupi & his puppies!
From these links link 1 and link 2 you can find some statistics about Hupi & his pups from year 2009.
At year 2009 Hupi was 2nd best progeny male in Finland.