Koirapakolaiset ry

Koirapakolaiset ry.

Koirapakolaiset ry. is a Finnish organization founded in the year 2000. We are a registrated organization, and our name translates in english to "the Dog Refugees" . In the year 2002 our board consists of three members: Elisa Kissa (chairman), Johanna Ekman (vice chairman) and Liisa Söderlund (secretary).

The Reason

The reason for founding the organization were the homeless dogs at a shelter in Tallinn, Estonia. Our goal is to find as many new homes for these dogs as possible, and make the living conditions at the shelter better. In the year 2001 we located 111 dogs to new homes in Finland. We've also taken food, medical supplies and other dog-related supplies to the shelter on a regular basis. In the summer 2001 we expanded the water supply system of the shelter, as it was inadequate for the size of the shelter, and at the same time we attached 100 water bowls to the doghouses. A local vetenarian in Tallinn also has a First aid account that we uphold; with this account a lot of the dogs from the shelter have received the care they've needed.

The Trouble

At the end of year 2001 the Finnish customs labelled what we do commercial, therefore we are now unable to bring more dogs to Finland. In their eyes any repeated import of dogs from non-EU countries is commercial. After this we continued to give advice to people wanting to adopt a dog from the shelter, and arranged trips where we would help them and show them around. Fortunately there are still people who go to the shelter and are ready to help these dogs. We still continue to go to the shelter on regular basis to see how things are.

New Challenges

In the fall 2002 we decided that it was time for a new challenge. Since we were unable to bring dogs from Estonia, we decided to keep it inside the EU. After considering where we would be needed, we decided to try and help retired greyhounds in Ireland. Now we are just starting our new program to find new good homes for these dogs. We are doing this in co-operation with Greyhounds in Need and the Irish Greyhound Board. We are really hopeful that we will be succesful in finding new homes for as many dogs as possible.

Fund-raising and Events

We have organised two unofficial dog shows in Helsinki to raise funds. With the profits of the first one we built 13 thermal insulated doghouses for the shelter. We are also constantly raising funds which will directly go to the First aid Account we have at the vetenarian clinic in Estonia. At the end of year 2002 we had a fund raising concert in Helsinki, Finland.


You are more than welcome to write to us and we'll answer any further questions you might have as well as we can. We are also always really happy to receive mail from people who are involved with dog rescues etc. all around the world. So feel free to write to us to the address: koirapakolaiset@hotmail.com