A new page about the Mossala and Ava craters in the archipelago of Turku in SW Finland.

About myself

Updated Mars 13. 2012.

I am a physicist living in the archipelago of Espoo about 20 km from Helsinki the capital of Finland. I am married and live with my wife, my doughter, two dogs and two cats at the seaside on an island called Bergö.


I have always been interested in music, playing the violine, guitar and a strange medeival instrument a keyed fiddle (in swedish Nyckelharpa). Other interests have been computers and automatic measurement systems. Presently I am working at the Ericsson telecom company. Electronics has also been a big interest of mine, but mainly due to the fact that it is easier to get a program working than planning and building a complicated electronic project, I have built fairly few big electronics projects. A new appoach is to use microcontrollers like the PIC16C84 to replace complicated discrete logic. When I initially started playing with the PIC processor there was no useful high level language compiler awailable. I figured out that a simple language supporting basic control structures like IF ... THEN ... ELSE, WHILE and REPEAT ... UNTIL should be a fairly small project to complete. The reality was that it was easy but at the same time I wanted more from the compiler. The program fairly fast grew into a real language very loosely based on PASCAL/MODULA-2/BASIC. The main point in planning the language has been to make it self documenting and easy to read. I call the language SIL. The present version is 0.53 but I feel that the language is usable and there are seldom any need to patch anything (programs normally compile cleanly). The most recent version supports PIC16C71, PIC16C73 and PIC16C74 in addition to the PIC16C84.

Musical instruments

During 2006...2007 I built four musical instruments. Two Nyckelharpas (the national instrument of Sweden), one "jouhikko" that looks like Celtic "Crwt" but which is played using a bow and a violin.

A nyckelharpa is a violin like instrument with a keyboard and a large number of resonance strings. More information about the nyckelharpa is found at American Nyckelharpa association or at Eric Sahlström Institute

Boat building

Update: The boat was launched in September 2005. The first longer cruise was from Esbo, close to the capital, to Korpo in the western archipelago. The total distance was roughly 250 nm. I am presently building a 32 feet "Mystic" sharpie designed by Ted Brewer. You will also find pictures of similar boats sailing on Ted's home page. The work started late in the summer 2000 by building the strong back and a few frames. During the summer 2001 the body was completed and clad with epoxy glassfibre. The body was left inverted for the winter because there was less risks for damage in that way. In early spring 2002 the body was turned ower and internal work on the boat could start. Presently in 2003 I am completing the house and finishing the rear deck. The engine was installed in may 2003. More information about the building project is found here.

The picture shows the very primitive temporary shed under which the boat is built. Building in an unheated shed essentially outdoors means that the building period in our climate is from the end of april to the end of september. Using epoxy glue is restricted even more because I feel the temperature should be above 15 deg C to ensure proper hardening of epoxy. Polyurethane glues on the other hand seem to work well even close to freezing temperatures. The glue seem to be harder the lower the temperature is.

This picture shows the house seen from the rear. The roof beams are put temporarily in place to give a hint of the form of the roof. The height of the house sides has to be changed significantly when the roof is made. The present plans are to build the roof using thin tongue and groove wainscoting covered by two layers of thin 4 mm plywood. The tongue and groove wooden roof should look very nice and traditional from the inside with the plywood ensuring there are no leeks.

The world

Any person not completely blind can see how society is disintegrating. Unrestricted freedom is sought for all individuals but without any obligations. The result is a growing anarchy all over the world. In my view there is an underlying cause to the phenomenon. For hundreds of years religion has been dying (globally). There are no really far reaching visions anymore, and the basic morale/customs holding the society together are disintegrating. Lawmakers do compensate partly for this by changing the law allowing small crimes that used to be forbidden. On the individual level there are many things that individuals should do without expecting any personal return. These actions are good for the whole society. The force to do unselfish things is I believe found in real religion (meaning that religion really is a part of life, not Hallelujah on Sundays). I believe that a Persian noble that was brought as a prisoner to the holy land has the key to a newborn religion that will eliminate conflicts between religions. The bahá'í faith has many of the answers to todays big and growing problems. I think that Bahá'u'lláh is the person that Christians have been expecting for almost 2000 years. You can find additional pointers to the bahá'í religion on the international bahai web site.


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