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My first 'real' game, I wanted to create something like Super Stardust, but lost the sources for this one when I messed up my hds partition table. Found them on a floppy last year (1999). 14.10.97 12.11.97

One of my very first demoeffects, wave interference created with sine-luts. And a small plasma. 10.08.97 27.11.98

A small quaternion fractal-generator. 23.10.97 10.11.97

The wave interference pattern with voxels - and an additive version with noise background (press spacebar while running). 05.01.98 05.01.98

More interference patterns... 2nd reality style. 05.01.98 05.01.98

A small texturewarping test. 09.01.98 09.01.98

2D blobs. Slow :p 11.02.98 11.02.98

2D bumpmapping. 23.02.98 23.02.98

A Direct3D engine test, my first good d3d demoengineproject. Not really debugged at all, so it propably won't run on your computer. Needs (does it?) a 3d-card (voodoo1 will NOT work, any other should, make sure it has support for alpha blending) and heavily depends on it. Music by Anvilhed.

I like those flares. :-)

10.03.98 24.03.98

Another texturewarper. Spacebar switches between two textures. 08.04.98 08.04.98

Ufogame 1: Alien troopers

My second "almost finished" game, this one I would like to 'recreate' someday with better gfx (512x384x32bit?). Java might be nice if it's fast enough.

*BUG*: requires mouse, user cannot exit the game without one, and it won't warn if the mouse driver isn't loaded.

13.04.98 07.09.98

Just a basic mandelbrot zoomer. 30.05.98 03.06.98

This is how we party

Assembly '98 windemo-compo #2
bugfixed(?) version, but still too many bugs left. Completely unfinished, but who cares anymore. Includes even a few stupid jokes. Patched the EXE with good framecounter routines. Now it should really be 70 fps on your machine, huhta! ;p Get it here.

29.05.98 14.10.99

A strange blur. 10.08.98 10.08.98

A tunnel effect. 13.11.98 13.11.98

A beginning for a Star Control 2 -style game (I've always wanted to create one, but I don't know any good gfx artists) in 3D, slow as hell, but works. Note: needs a mouse with 3 buttons, middle button = zoom, right button = move camera. Up/down -keys zoom in/out. The 'galaxy' created by a friend of mine. 3D-engine 04.12.98 other parts 26.12.98 3D-engine 02.01.99 other parts 08.01.99

It just draws a few additive lines.. mouse-controlled. 10.01.99 10.01.99

My own little raytracer, including spheres and planes, shadows, antialiasing, reflective and refractive materials, point lights (no spotlights yet). 28.03.99 08.04.99

A small particle test. 02.04.99 02.04.99

A simple 'wobbler' effect, just rotates a texturemapped grid. Three versions included, a fast/inaccurate, a slow/accurate and one showing a bug in action (lower picture). 02.05.99 08.05.99

A nice (?) effect with circular lights just rotating around. 25.05.99 27.05.99

Another texture warper. 29.05.99 29.05.99

Free-directional planes 07.06.99 20.08.99

A feedback effect. Coded while almost asleep at Assembly '99. 09.08.99 09.08.99
Just a small 'rocket show', nothing special. 31.12.99 31.12.99

I started to code an ifs-fractal generator, but it became this. Two versions in one zip. 01.02.00 02.02.00

Draws (realtime of course) the intersection of moving 4d-objects (pentachoron/hypercube/hexadecachoron/icositetrachoron/hecatonicosachoron) and the W=0 plane. 03.04.00 03.04.00

Some lights and a lowpass filter. Black and white. 12.05.00 12.05.00

Who needs raytrace anyway - Our entry for the Assembly'2k 64k intro compo. Placed 3rd! :) Slow as hell, but works. 23.07.00 04.08.00

An opengl surface wobbler. This is something *really* cool :) Mouse-controlled. 11.09.00 18.09.00

An opengl wobbling tunnel. 17.09.00 18.09.00

A small opengl system. I managed to fit my complete texgen and opengl code into 6k. Only a few inline assembler parts, the rest C++ :) 23.09.00 23.09.00

An opengl cube wobbler. 25.09.00 25.09.00

My realtime raytracer source - version 1. No compiled version available. Note! The sources _will_not_ compile "as is". But who really cares? Have a look for yourself. 18.11.00 25.11.00

My texgen, a 3d engine, torus generator, bump mapped triangle fillers and a zoomblur routine all packed into a 12k executable. Very little assembler code, mostly some inlined parts. Something I've been working on to make another 64k intro ;) 9.01.01 Work in progress!

One of my numerous fractal generators. I'm not sure about the name of the fractal.. 22.01.01 23.01.01
Remember to extract directories along with files in the zips..

Almost all programs here use 320x200x256 (mode13h) video mode, but those that use high-color modes DO NOT WORK WITH MATROX DISPLAY CARDS. This is due to Matrox's video bios, which doesn't support low-resolution, high-color modes. I think mode13 is still enough for any games/demos, you just need to know how to use it right.

At least some of the effects already seen in TIHWP (This is how we party). My second game, Zot (an Auts-style shoot-em-up). And all the hundreds of megs of s*it I've collected (a few partly finished 3d engines and such =)

I (Lauri Koponen) am not responsible for anything these pieces of random code happen to do on your computer. All programs have been programmed by me (but some data files might be ripped :). All of the files should work, but if something gets messed up, it's not my problem. Most of the executables have been compressed with UPX or pmwlite, and almost all of them have been compiled with pentium optimizations turned on. Most should work on a p/133 or k6/233 (at least the older ones), but some might need a p2/300. All files have been checked to work (and most have been recompiled for perfection). The files shouldn't be infected with viruses either, but if you find any, please notice me.