How did it begin

It all started in the 80s with Salli the jack owned by Tepa in
the Kauppi riding school in Tampere. Salli made an indelible
impression being on duty in a tiny office. I waited for a
couple of years for Salli's puppies, all for nothing. Finally
Tepa adviced me to ask for a puppy from another riding school.
So I started to wait for a puppy from Anneli Hakatie in
Hyvinkää. At last I was the owner of Heppu-jack.
Heppu grew up with a German shephard, Nana. The old man Heppu
died peacefully in the age of 16 on 6.6.2005. He will always
stay in our memories.

The name of the breeder

The name Ansometsä (~ the forest of a trap) comes from my
birth and home village, Viljakkala. Ansometsä is a forest with
a grove in which the northest hazels and many other rare
plants like yellow anemones grow. I have a little cottage in
Ansometsä and the road is named as "the straight of Heppu" as
he run the new road fast as wind. In the shelter of the forest
my dear pets have their last resting place.

Actual strength of the jacks

Nowadays in our there are family two sisters Täplä and Rose
from Ireland, 8 years old, and Luka (Karrell Little Luka) from
Australia, one year old. In the placing there is Ansometsän
Lilliputti, the daughter of Saga (A. Saga) and Banjo (Macullen
Banjo Boy). Lilliputti was born in the spring 2005. Under
consideration is importing a puppy from Australia with one of
my friends. ( Mindura Outback Gem came to Finland 7.10.2005)
With Rose and Luka I train agility in the Dog Club of Ylöjärvi.
Täplä hasnt completely got into agility and she is now
spending the days of "baron". Rose is competing in the third
class and Luka has taken a primary course in agility very
promisingly. I will continue training with the both. With Luka
I also train obedience, caves and showing, not very often. The
new hobby is "hunting out a blood track". Thanks to Eeva and
Körmy. While writing this there are blood tracks maturing for
four keen jacks.

The Puppies of Ansometsän

Täplä has had four litters of Ansometsän. Saga has had one.
The puppies have homes from Oulu to Helsinki, from Vaasa to
Joensuu. They all have homes with loving and active families.
The shows, caves and agility are their common hobbies. With
almost all families I have had a tight contact and it has been
a pleasure to follow the life of the new "jack families".

Breeding thoughts

Along the years my opinions of breeding have changed and
become more exact. The character, health and appearance are
important. My first jack Heppu was found out HC (hereditary
cataracta) at 9 years old and that is why I understood how
important it is to check the health qualities in every breed.
It is a happy chance that Täplä and her puppies have been
healthy. I hope that the most jack owners will take their dogs
to examinations (eyes and knees) even if they will not use
their jacks for breeding. Täpläs puppies are a little bit
reserved but not aggressive. In the future I hope more
openness to their character, but the home environment and the
puppy time experiences have influence, too. I also concider it
important that the jack families committ well to the
activities with their puppies because the jacks are not only
pet dogs. I courage them to practise showing. too. With Luka I
have had my first real experiences in the show world, thanks
to Maija and Susanna who have taught me in those "fields".

Highlights in Ansometsä

I have daily highlights with my jacks walking in the forests
and being peacefully at home. I have had highlights in
agility, on the winners? podiums and in the shows, too. I have
met nice people and got many new friends. Those memories I can
remember sitting on the rocking chair some day?

The plans of the future

The jacks are family members with whom I'll train and
exercise. I hope I can use Luka for breeding to suitable
bitches. Ansometsän Lumiriina will be mated by Luka.
(Lumiriina had four beautiful puppies 17.1.2006.) In the
future we will see how Lilliputti will grow. Hopefully we will
get new blood with the new import bitch (yes we did!)

Greetings to the friends of jacks and other breeders

The jackrussell terrier has become very favourite in the last
few years and it can be seen very often in TV and magazines.
The jack is not, however, a pet for a lazy or comfort loving
person. JRT, a cave dog, demands a coherent upbringing on
which you must familiarize reading literature and listening
advices of experienced people. The owner of the JRT must find
his own middle course in all information concidering the
individual qualities of his own dog.


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