Even with lots of work still do be done this list have reached a state where it must be considered one of the most complete and accurate ever assembled on the subject. This has only been possible due to the tremendous help from people all over the world, each of them experts of their local drivers and events.
Short biographies of drivers with BLUE background, will come up in due time. If you have any information about any driver with GREEN background, please contact me!

Karl Alfred "Kalle" Ebb (FIN)
6 Sep 1896 - 22 Aug 1988
Born in Turku in 1896. Ebb got married to Lempi Järvinen and together they founded Ebb-Solmio Oy in 1920, a company specializing in fabricating high quality ties. The business proved to be a success, distinguished men's outfitter's being their main customers. Karl Ebb was also an all-round sportsman who competed in atletics, cycling, swimming, alpine skiing and motor racing. He was 5th in the 3000m Steeplechase at the Olympic Games in Paris 1924 and was the founder of the Finnish slalom association in 1941. He was Finland's first racing driver of international class and raced in the Nordic countries with an Auburn. He was the sensational winner of the 1931 Swedish Winter GP in a field including Rudi Caracciola. Changing to a Mercedes SSK, he later proved victorious in the Finnish and the Estonian GP's. Ebb's only son died in the war. In 1945 Ebb re-married with his long time office manager Märtha Charlotte Reikko. He died in Helsinki 1988.

Rudolf Eberhardt ( )

Alexander Herbert Lindsey Eccles (GB)
14 May 1908 - 29 Aug 1991.
Born in Briton Ferry, Neath, Glamorgan. The younger brother of racing driver Roy Eccles and the brother-in-law of female racer Marjorie Eccles, Lindsey was a director - later managing director - of the Briton Ferry Steel Company. Died in in Sketty, Swansea, Glamorgan 1991.

Roy Hector Eccles (GB)
2 Dec 1900 - 17 Jan 1938
Born at Neath, Wales in 1900. Older brother to Lindsey Eccles. Died at Staines of a brain haemorrhage at an age of 37 years.

"Eddoura" ( )

Edmondaut ( )

Gräfin Margot von Einsiedel, née von Gans (D)
11 Jun 1899 - 1986

Baroness d'Elern ( )

Miss Eileen Mary Ellison (GB)
12 Dec 1910 - 29 Jul 1967
Born 1910 at Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire. Raced a Bugatti T37A. Racing partner to Cholmondely-Tapper. In 1940 she married Squadron Leader Brian J. E. "Sandy" Lane D.F.C., who was reported MIA on 13 December 1942? Later she lived with Owen Fargus. Died as Eileen Mary Lane 1967 at St. Helier, Jersey.

Emil Arvid Elo (FIN)
17 Feb 1896 - 23 Dec 1944
Born in Borgå (Porvoo) 1896. Manufacturer and wholesaler of men's clothing, especially shirts. Emil Elo started off his sports interests with skiing, athletics (sprint) and slalom. Later he became interested in motorsport and for the 1935 season he bought a Bugatti T35C from Norwegian driver Isberg and entered it in several local races. The car was later taken over by the Finnish driver Bergström. Died in Helsinki 1944 after a long illness.

Enrico Emanuelli (I)

      A. Embiricos - SEE: "Maris"

Nicholas Stamati "Nicky" Embiricos (GR)
c 1910 - 1 Jul 1941
Cousin to "de Maris". Coming from a family of ships owners Embiricos bought an ex works ERA-A, painted it grey and raced it quite successfully in Voiturette races during the 1936 season. He decided to retire from racing after surviving an crash in the Florence GP 1937 only to die in an airplane accident over Mattunuck, Rhode Island.

Emilio Eminente ( )

Jean Eminente ( )

      Engelbert Graf Arco - SEE: Arco-Zinneberg

Engelhart Løchen ( )
Probably Engelhart Löcher.

Robert Eonnet (F)
30 Apr 1912 - 14 Mar 1946
Robert Eonnet was born 1912 in Paris, the son of Maurice Eonnet, broker at the Paris stock exchange, and Mlle Alice Dervaux. Assisted his father in his affaires until WWII. Great sportsman, playing tennis and golf, was diving and bobsleighing, plus sking for France. Also a keen amateur racer, most notably with a Bugatti T 51 in 1934 Of course this car was paid by his father, on the explicit understanding that his boy would not race it. When Robert won the Saint-Lô hillclimb (1934?), his activities with the T51 became public, and he had to give up racing. In 1937 Robert got a Bugatti 57S Atalante, and for this ownership a short sketch on his life appeared in the new Laugier book on "Les 57 Sport", containing the info given here. During WWII, Robert served with the French air force. After the war he lived in Morocco; he died in Casablanca 1946.
(Info supplied by Wolfgang Kaese)

Epifani ( )
Not in the official list of licensed Italian racing drivers.

Pasquale "Pasquino" Ermini (I)
29 Sep 1905 - 1958
Born in Leccio near Reggello near Florence, Ermini was a famous mechanic and a good driver. He had started in the 1920s as a mechanic of the Materassi team, which had purchased the works Talbots Grand Prix. After Materassi’s fatal accident at Monza in 1928, Ermini opened (in his native Florence) a workshop specializing in tuning high performance cars, taking part in a few local events as the driver of some customer’s car. After the war Ermini was one of the first to resume racing and tuning racing cars. In 1947 he set up his own team (called Tess, for Testa Emisferica Super Sport) with two Alfa Romeo-engined and two Fiat 1100-engined Specials. His two-ohc head for the Fiat 1100 engine was extremely successful, so he relinquinshed the 2500SS Alfa Romeo engine to concentrate on this one. For 1948 he ordered new chassis from GILCO in Milan. After a terrible crash in the Circuito di Firenze 1948, Ermini quit racing, but kept developing his 1100 engine. This unit was mainly used in proprietary chassis, but a few complete cars were built in the Florentine works. Drivers Siro Sbraci, Piero Scotti and Ugo Bormioli were extremely successful in the Italian 1100cc class, mainly in open road races and hillclimbs in the years 1949 and 1950 at the wheel of Ermini-engined Specials. Later Attlio Brandi, Luciano Pagliai and Azzurro Manzini raced a few Erminis complete cars with success until 1956: one of these had been bodied by Scaglietti. This marque disappeared after Pasquino’s death in 1958, but no new cars had been built since 1955.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)

Jean de l'Espée ( )

Guglielmo Esposito ( )

M. Esposito ( )

      Baron Essendon - SEE: Lewis

Aubrey Esson-Scott (GB)
16 Feb 1904 - 16 Mar 1986
Born at Surbiton, Surrey 1904. died at Brighton 1986

Anton Esterházy ( )

Philippe Jean-Armand "Phi-Phi" Etancelin (F)
28 Dec 1896 - 13 Oct 1981
"Phi-Phi" Etancelin is mostly known by his habit of wearing a cloth cap back to front when racing. After the war if helmets were compulsory he wore the cap over the helmet!
Born at Rouen 1896, started racing in 1926 competing in hill climbs with a Bugatti. He won his first major victory at the Marne GP in 1927. He retired temporarily in 1928 but was back in 1929 winning the Marne GP again and was also victorious at Comminges, la Baule and Antibes. In 1930, still racing a Bugatti, he won he Algerian GP (handicap), the French GP at Pau and the Circuit de Dauphine at Grenoble. In 1931 he teamed up with Lehoux for the 10 hour GPs of the 1931 formula. With a new Alfa Romeo he then won the Dieppe GP, Circuit de Dauphine and Comminges GP. Racing as privateer he won the Picardie GP in 1932 and 1933 and the Marne GP in 1933. Etancelin bought a Maserati 8C for 1934 and won at Dieppe. He also won the Le mans 24h race in an Alfa Romeo. He joined Scuderia Subalpina for 1935, won at Spa in 1936 and then went into temporary retirement. He joined Talbot in 1938 for sports car racing and also did som GP in 1939. After the war Etancelin was immediaely back but it wasnt until 1948 he was able to compete regularly with a new Lago-Talbot being quite successful in 1949. He took part in the 1950 and 1951 GP seasons and raced on until 1953. He took part in 12 Word Championship races and collected 3 points, becoming the oldest points scorer ever (53y 8m 6d). He died at Neuilly-sur-Seine 1981.

Covitti Evangelista ( )

Denis Graham Evans (GB)
18 Jul 1910 - 6 July 1984
Born in Wimbledon, Surrey.
Died in Torrance, California, USA 1984

Kenneth Douglas Evans (GB)
4 Jun 1912 - 30 Mar 1985
Born in Wimbledon, Surrey. Private ERA & Alfa Romeo driver Kenneth and Doreen Evans, were two popular racing drivers. The Bellevue Garages in Wandsworth was run by the Evans family and specialising in racing MGs. Died in Chelsea, London 1985.

William Gordon "Bill" Everitt (GB)
7 Oct 1901 - 3 Aug 1993
Born in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire 1901. At one time touted as the "next Dick Seaman" Elliot strted racing in 1933 with J.2 Midget. Victorious in a few minor races at Brooklands and Donington. Results include a 4th at1935 Donington GP, a 3rd at 1936 Empire Trophy and a 5th in 1938 South African GP and 4th in 1938 Grosvenor GP with a Maserati 6CM. Died in Old Alresford, Hampshire 193.

      Mc Evoy - SEE: McEvoy

Alphonse Evrard (B)

Captain George Edward Thomas Eyston OBE (GB)
28 Jun 1897- 11 June 1979
Born in Witney, Oxfordshire 1897. One of the most versatile drivers in the history of motor sports with hundreds of speed records. Eyston was born 1897 in Oxfordshire, England. After being an artillery officer during WW1, gone trought university and establishing his own engineering company, Eyston started racing in 1923 with a Aston Martin. He raced Bugattis and MGs in the 1920s both in England and on the continent. Specialised in record attempts during the 1930s taking the world speed record at Bonneville with his 73 litre Thunderbolt 1937 and 1938. Had a racing team with Penn-Hughes in 1934, racing Alfa Romeo Monza. Continued record braking in the 1950s with MG. Died in Lambeth, London 1979.
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)


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