Even with lots of work still do be done this list have reached a state where it must be considered one of the most complete and accurate ever assembled on the subject. This has only been possible due to the tremendous help from people all over the world, each of them experts of their local drivers and events.
Short biographies of drivers with BLUE background, will come up in due time. If you have any information about any driver with GREEN background, please contact me!

Giovanni Tabacchi ( )

Jiri (Georg) Tacheci ( )

Tacousson ( )

Mario Tadini (I)
1905- Aug 1983
Mario Tadini from Bologna was the owner of a chain of clothing stores. He was one of the greatest all-time hillclimbers - who never showed the same talents in circuit racing - and a Scuderia Ferrari founder. As a matter of fact, most of the initial capital for the Scuderia was put down by him. Tadini, a great stylist, never raced professionally. Ferrari said that he did not like prolonged efforts and difficult courses, but that he could be as fast as everybody in a good day. Tadini tried a come-back driving in F2 for Ferrari in 1949, but soon quit. His pre-war palmarès in hill-climbs is impressive and comparable with the one of Bergmeister Hans Stuck, though less heralded.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)

Frank Tallet ( )

Pierino "Piero" Antonio Alberto Taruffi (I)
12 Oct 1906 - 12 Jan 1988
Piero Taruffi was born in Albano Laziale near Rome in 1906. This succesfull Italian racer started off as a motorcycle driver before turning to car racing in 1930. Continued to race both cars and and motorcycles during the 1930s. Scuderia Ferrari driver in the early 30s. Works Maserati driver in 1935. Had a bad accident in Tripoli 1934. Raced Bugattis in 1935. Motorcycle team manager in the late 30s and raced also Maserati and Alfa Romeo voiturettes during the 1938-39 seasons. Raced Cisitalia 1947-49. Alfa Romeo 1950. Raced for Scuderia Ferrari 1951-55, winning the Swiss GP 1952. Works Mercedes-Benz driver in 1955. Was also a keen sports car driver winning Targa Florio 1954 and Mille Miglia 1957. Retiered from racing in 1957 after 18 Formula 1 championship starts gaining 41 points. Taruffi died of a heart attack in Rome 1988.

Filippo Tassara (I)
1900 - 17 Aug 1953
Tassara came to be known as driver after winning the Coppa del Re at Monza in 1926. Tassara belonged to a family of affluent steel industrialists from Brescia but originally hailed from Genoa. His debut had been in the Rally Coppa del Garda in 1924. That same year he purchased a Bugatti T22. In 1926 he drove twice a Bugatti T35, at Pozzo and Roma. His participations were scarce, about 20 between 1924 and 1940, more than half of these concentrated in the years 1924/25. He became President of the Brescia Automobile Club after WWII, becoming instrumental in the rebirth and the flourishing of the Mille Miglia, teaming with Castagneto and Maggi, having taken over Mazzotti's position. He took up racing again, albeit sporadically. The apex of his career as a driver was probably when he finished the grueling 1925 Alpine Cup without penalties, driving a torpedo Bugatti T23.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)

Hans /Henry C. Täuber (CH)

(Darcy Edward) Derek Taylor (GB)
23 Dec 1894 - 30 Oct 1966
Born 1894 at Marshfield, Gloucestershire. Died 1966 at Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Miss Fay Taylour (IRL/USA)
5 Apr 1904 - 2 Aug 1983

Edoardo Teagno (I)
17 Jan 1902 - 15 May 1945
Maserati 6CM Voiturette driver

Baron Manuel de Teffé von Hoonholtz (BR)
30 Mar 1905-1 Jan 1967
Manuel de Teffé was, with Nascimento jr., the prominent Brazilian driver before "Chico" Landi. De Teffé was the son of the Brazilian ambassador in Rome in the 1920s and early 30s and later a diplomat himself as well. He was part of the Italian racing milieu and competed in several Mille Miglia and other Italian races, driving various Alfa Romeos. He bought a 1500 cc Maserati 6CM in 1938 (#1558?), racing a full voiturette season in Europe that year under the Scuderia Ambrosiana banner. British expatriate to Argentina Eric Forrest-Green purchased that car in 1941 and used it in Argentinian races during 1941/42. De Teffé had been instrumental for bringing the European drivers to race in Brazil during the late 30s and was the main creator of the Gávea circuit and its races.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)

Newton Alves Teixeira (BR)

(Tommaso) Omobono Tenni (I)
24 Jul 1905 - 30 Jun (1 Jul?) 1948
Multiple Italian MC champion Omobono Tenni was one of the greatest motorcycle racers of his era. He was also one of the symbols of Moto Guzzi’s history.
Tenni came from a very poor peasant background from Northern Lombardy, then moved to Treviso after WWI, where he had found a job as a mechanic. His first victory was achieved in 1924 when still a teenager. It marked the beginning of a formidable career, highlighted by a lengthy series of successes. Riding a Moto Guzzi beginning in 1933, he soon was winning everywhere on Italian racetracks and then all over Europe. In England Tenni became the first Italian to triumph in the TT. "Black Devil", "Red Bullet", "Fire-winged Centaur", "Death Defying Man" were some of his nicknames he was given, people seeing Trenni as Nuvolari’s counterpart in the two-wheel world. With deep Northern Italian roots, a boundless enthusiasm, and unlimited passion for engines, he was outside the racing track a quiet, generous and simple man exemplified by the famous understated telegram that he traditionally would send to his wife after each victory: "Arrived First, Kisses, Tenni".
In the mid 30s Tenni tried his fortune in car racing. After an amazing debut at the Mille Miglia he became "semi works" Voiturette Maserati driver (Scuderia Torino) in 1936 and works Maserati driver in 1937 but Tenni did not show the same fire he had shown on two wheels with a record of 47 victories on Moto Guzzi in the period 1933-1948. Tenni died after a crash during practice for the motorcycle race at the 1948 Swiss GP, Bremgarten, the same weekend as Achille Varzi's fatal crash.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)

Aldo Terigi ( )

Vincent/Victor Tersen ( )

Antonio Testi (I)

André Testut ( )

Emile Tetaldi (F)
Raced exclusively in the north part of France. From 1926 to 1928, he drove an Amilcar in the 1100 cc Class in hillclimbs, Speed Trials and races. In 1929, he switched to a s/c 1500 cc Bugatti. He was injured in an accident in the Routes Pavées meeting in September 1930. He nevertheless reappared in 1931, with a 1500 cc Bugatti until July when he acquired a 2-litre Bugatti. With that car, he did some hillclimbing in 1931 - 1932 . He crashed badly at the Lorraine GP.
(Info supplied by Marc Ceulemans)

Jose Maria de Texidor i Catasus (E)
May 1892 - Jan 1974
Jose Maria was born in 1892 in Barcelona. Jose raced motorcycles Barcelona in 1917-1920 as did his brothers Manuel and Antonio. Manuel continued through to 1924-5. Jose and Antonio left Spain in the 1920s for Paris. Jose went to the Academy of Art where he met his wife, Anna Ziegler. He had four children and later moved to Belgium. Jose's sons Edouard and Charlie also raced motorcycles. Edouard raced GP sidecars between 1950 and 1955 before having a fatal (?) accident at Gedinne. Other information says he died at Perpignal, France in 1974.
(Info supplied by Oliver Slay i Texidor)

Frederick "Freddy" Eugène Théllusson (B)
23 Jan 1894 - 4 Aug 1960
Born at Gistel, West-Vlaanderen 1894. Died at Westende, West-Vlaanderen 1960.

Hans Theisen ( )

Fritz Theissen ( )

K. F. Thelander (S)

Max Thirion ( )

Poul Tholstrup (DK)
7 Jun 1898 - 26 Mar 1986

Mrs E. M. (Jill) Thomas ( )
Raced previously as Mrs. W. B. Scott

Joel Thorne ( )

T. Adrian W. Thorpe ( )

Gunnar Thorsell (S)
23 Apr 1901? - 18 Sep 1969?

Ernst Timar ( )

Rainieri Tirassa (I)
? - 29 Oct 1977
From Rome. Died at Rome in 1977.

Alexander Todd (USA)

Tognoli ( )
Not in the official list of licensed Italian racing drivers.

Francesco Toia (I)

Reginald Vincent Ellis "Reggie" Tongue (GB)
17 Jul 1912 - 1 Jun 1992
Born in Urmston, Lancashire 1912. Tongue was one of the better British drivers of the era. Born in a wealthy family his motor experience was "loaning" his fathers 1924 10 23 Talbot two-seater, destroying the lawn in front of the house during the process. Tongue's father died while Reggie was still at school. After some effort Reggie finally pursuated the trustees to release money for him to order a new Riley car with which he began his career in reliability trials. While at Exeter College, Oxford in 1935, he purchased Dick Seaman's MG Magnette and the next year he bought an ERA-B. He sold the ERA after the 1938 season and bought the first Maserati 4CL, giving the car its debut. He was also closely involved with the organisation of John Cobb's attack on the world land speed record. As a member of the RAF Volunteer Reserve Tongue flew Spitfires during the Battle of Britain. Later he was appointed a test pilot to Rolls-Royce. After the war his sports interests turned to sailing, shooting and, riding. He was also back to motor racing as one of the founders of the Oulton Park circuit and he also raced a Jaguar in the 1951 Monte Carlo Rally. Died in Lancaster 1992.
(Info supplied by Ken Jones)

Toni ( )

Carlo Tonini (I)
From Rome.

Hans Torell ( )

Gerardo Tornelli ( )

Francisco Torres ( )

Esteban Tort (E)

Frédéric Toselli (F)
? - 5 May 1933
From Nice. Died 1933 during practice for the Val de Cuech hillclimb in France.

Raffaele/Raffaelo Toti ( )

Henri Tourbier ( )

Giuseppe Tranchiana ( )

Trasente ( )

Treffel ( )

Jean Trémoulet (F)
12 Apr 1909 - 13 Oct 1944 (1942?)
Born at Vézac, Dordogne. Delahaye sports car driver. Raced the SEFAC in the Pau GP 1939. Joined the French resistance during WW2. Died during a resistance mission at Sagelat 1944.

Paul Emile Edmond Treunet / Jean Treunet? (F)
17 May 1895 - ?
From Abbeville.

Jean Claudius Marie Trévoux (F)
27 Feb 1905 - 29 Apr 1981
Born at Le Petit-Quevilly, Normandie. Died in Mexico 1981.
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)

Antonino Tricomi (I)

Louis-Aimé Trintignant (F)
17 May 1903 - 20 May 1933
Vine yard owner from Chateauneif-du-Pape. Brother of Maurice Trintignant. Fatalty wounded at the 1933 Picardie GP.

Maurice Bienvenu Jean-Paul Trintignant (F)
30 Oct 1917 - 12 Feb 2005
Trintignant was born at St-Cécile-les-Vignes 1917. Known after the war as "Le Petoulet" Maurice started racing 1938 in the Bugatti that had killed his brother Louis. Gordini driver 1948-1953. Later racing for Ferrari, Vanwall, Rob Walker, Parnell, Centro Sud, Porsche, Aston-Martin, Maserati, Simca, Bugatti, BRM, Ford. Winner of Monaco GP 1955 and 1958. Winner of the 1954 Le Mans 24h race with José Froilan Gonzales (Ferrari 375). Retired 1964 after 82 Formula 1 championship starts and 72 1/3 points. Died 2005 in Nimes.

Trochler ( )

Ernst Ebenhart Troeltsch (later Dietrich-Troeltsch) (D)
30 Jul 1913 - 21 Mar 1956
Ernst Troeltsch was from Wildgutach in the Schwarzwald. He was the only child of famous German theologian and philosopher Ernst Troeltsch (1865 - 1923). After his father had died when he wasn’t even ten years old his mother married for the second time. The name of his stepfather, a well-known politician called Hermann Dietrich (1879 - 1954) who for some years was a member of the German administration, was attached to his surname - so he officially became Ernst Dietrich-Troeltsch. In 1935/early 1936 he bought the Bugatti T51A #51134 (ex Bremme, ex Burggaller) from the heirs of Rudolf Steinweg. In 1937 he sold the car on to Leonard Joa. Died of heart failure in 1956 at an age of 42.
(Info supplied by Michael Müller & Reinhard Windeler)

Conte Carlo Felice Trossi (I)
27 Apr 1908 - 9 May 1949

Vaclav Trumpeš (CS)

Hans Erik von Trützschler, Freiherr zum Falkenstein (D)
3 Oct 1882? - 1 Jul 1956?

Hans Ostermuth v.Tschaikoff ( )

de Tudert ( )

Giuseppe "Beppe" Tuffanelli (I)
Raced a Maserati 4C 1100cc Voiturette.

Turenne ( )


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