Even with lots of work still do be done this list have reached a state where it must be considered one of the most complete and accurate ever assembled on the subject. This has only been possible due to the tremendous help from people all over the world, each of them experts of their local drivers and events.
Short biographies of drivers with BLUE background, will come up in due time. If you have any information about any driver with GREEN background, please contact me!

André Edmond Louis Vagniez (F)
7 Jun 1903 - 21 Jul 1983
Industrialist from Amiens. Died at Quevauvillers, Picardie 1983.
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)

Valcourt ( )

Mário Valentim dos Santos (BR)

Antinie "Antonio" Valette (F)

      Valkama - SEE: Walkama

Francesco Valle ( )

Fernand Aimé Ollivier Vallon (F)
19 Mar 1895 - 17 Aug 1971
Born at Ribiers in the Alpes. Sport car driver. Took part at the Le Mans 24h race between 1924 till 1933, achiving a 4th (1927), 6th (1931) and 8th position (1930). Winner of ‘le Bol d’Or’ in 1932. Died at Gap in the Alpes 1971.
(Info supplied by Alain Michel & Jean-Charles Colombier))

Valmy ( )

Federico Valpreda (I)
1895 - 17 May 1983

      van Damme - SEE: Damme

      van de Velde - SEE: Velde

      van der Becke - SEE: Becke

Gerolamo/Girolamo Vanfretti (I)

      van Hulzen - SEE: Hulzen

Václav Vaniček (CS)
From Prag.

Vanoni ( )

      van Riet - SEE: Riet

      van Winkel - SEE: Winkel

Just/Maurice? Varet (F)

Achille Varzi (I)
8 Aug 1904 - 01 Jul 1948
Varzi was born at Galliate, Piemonte (Piedmont). Chilly, unsmiling and clinical, Varzi was one of the greatest drivers of the early 30s but his fate was to be the losing part in the never ending duel with his arch rival Nuvolari, a fight more fierce than the Prost-Senna duel ever. A conclusion of Varzi's driving style can be drawn from the fact that while Nuvolari's career was filled with broken cars and bones in plaster, Varzi crashed only twice in his career. But his second crash would prove fatal. Racing for Alfa Romeo Varzi's best season was in 1934, ending up as top GP driver with twice as much prize money as the best Germans. Moving on to drive the rear-engined Auto Unions, Varzi's career would make a tragic turn. He became a victim of top-level politics and team orders and tried to find an escape in women and drugs. Varzi did not make a comeback until 1946. After two successful seasons the story ended on a rain-soaked Bremgarten circuit.

Click here for full biography.

E. Vasarainen ( )

Hector Vasena ( )

Aimé Vassiaux (F)
11 Jul 1890 - 16 Oct 1967
Born in Cannes where he died as well.
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)

"Vega" (Guillermo Oliveras de la Riva) (E)
1907 - 1938
Born in Barcelona in 1907. Spanish driver who made his race debut at Terramar in 1929 and and shortly afterwards won his first race with a Bugatti. He took part in the 1933 Penya Rhin at Montjuic in a Bugatti but retired with carburettor problems. Died at Battle of the Ebro during the Spanish Civil War.
(Info supplied by Richard Armstrong)

van de Velde ( )

Dimitri Veličkovič / Velitchkovitch ( )

"Ventidue" (Alessandro Wild) (I)
Ludovico Wild was known as "Ventuno" and Alessandro Wild as "Ventidue". There is also unconfirmed rumors of a driver called "Ventiquattro".

Leopoldo Venturi (I)
From Verona.

Cyril Duchene de Vere (F)
1881 - 30 Sep 1964

Josef Veřmiřovský (CS)

Just-Émile Vernet (F)
16 Jun 1894 - 1992
Born at Sancey-le-Grand, Doubs, Died at Baume-les-Dames, Doubs.
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)

Vincenzo Verso (I)

Verwee ( )

Veyrat ( )

Pierre Veyron (F)
1 Oct 1903 - 2 Nov 1970
Born at Berc, Lozère. Started racing in 1930 .Bugatti Voiturette driver driver 1931. Raced successfully a Maserati Tipo 26 in 1932. Bugatti works Voiturette driver 1933 - 1936. Thereafter turned to sports car racing. Joined the Resistnce during WW2. Raced Gordinis and sports cars after the war. Retired from racing 1954 and turned to oil business. Died in Paris 1970.

Jean Julien Roger Viale (F)
9 Sep 1909 - 28 Jun 1960
Born at Auxerre, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté 1909. Died in Paris 1960.
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)

Renato Segadas Viana (BR)

Emilio Vicentini (Vincentini?) (I)
From Milan.

Vico ( )

Robert Vidal (F)
? - 24 May 1931
Had a fatal crash with his Bugatti at the 1931 Frontieres Grand Prix.

Gioacchino Vigo (I)
From Catania, Sicily.

Vilain (B)
Belgian amateur driver. Took part in the 1931 Frontieres Grand Prix.

Luigi Villa (I)

Carlo Pes di Villamarina ( )

de Villancourt ( )

José María Padierna de Villapadierna y Avecilla, 3rd conde de Villapadierna (E)
28 Nov 1902/26 Dec 1909 - 23 Oct 1979
Born at Malaga in Spain, this young nobleman created quite a scandal when he sold his grandmother's jevels to buy himself a race car. Before racing in Grand Prix in 1934, de Villapadierna was also the owner of a Racing horse called "Sunny Day". In 1934 he also had problems with the Spanish justice after one of his business partners a certain Mr. Mario H. Sinicio had embezzled a million Pesetas. De Villapadierna entered Maseratis and Alfa Romeos in the mid 1930s under the Scuderia Villapadeira banner. If nothing else then at least his bright yellow cars was a colorful addition to the grids. He stopped to race in July 1936 because of the Spanish civil war. After the second world war in 1946, he was in the entry list of the 1946 Pena Rhin GP but he was replaced by Palacio. Villapadierna worked hard for returing the Spanish GP to Championship status. He worked as Clerk of the Course and was a familar face at the Spanish GP in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
(Info supplied by Marc Ceulemans)

Pietro di Villarosa (I)

Julio Villars (CH)
1897 - 1991

Louis Marie Amand Robert de Courson de la Villeneuve (F)
This driver does not have much in common with Gilles and Jacques other than the name. Born at Hénon, Bretagne, this one was a sports car backmarker who did not want to spoil the fun of racing by trying to win. Raced in French events first with a Bugatti T51A but in 1936 he bought a Delahaye 135CS. However he had to have the car rebuilt to be able to get his body down in the cockpit. Died in Paris 1969.

Emilio "Mimi" Villoresi (I)
17 Dec 1913 - 19 Jun 1939
Younger brother to Luigi. Begun racing in 1931. Was works Alfa Romeo driver 1938-39. Had a fatal crash while testing an Alfa Romeo Alfetta at Monza 1939.

Luigi "Gigi" Villoresi (I)
16 May 1909 - 24 Aug 1997
From Rome. Older brother to Emilio. Begun racing in 1931. Bought a Maserati 6CM in 1937. Works Maserati driver 1938-39 and after the war. Scuderia Ferrari driver 1949 - 1953. Lancia driver 1954 - 55. Retired from GP racing 1957 after 39 Formula 1 championship starts and 49 points. Won the Acropolis Rally in 1958. Died in Modena 1997.

Jean Louis Vinatier (F)
10 Apr 1890 - 16 Nov 1971
From Paris (11ème). Died at Le Kremlin Bicêtre, Île-de-France 1971
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)

Vincenti ( )

Giovanni Viola ( )

Marcel Violet ( )

Pierre Viossat ( )

Giuseppe Virgilio ( )

Ulderico Vismara (I)

Giuseppe Vittoria (I)

Andrés de Vizcaya ( )

Karel Vlašín (CH)
From Brno.

Pierre Voigt ( )

Kurt Volkhart ( )

      von Arco-Zinneberg - SEE: Arco-Zinneberg

      von Aretin - SEE: Aretin

      von Brauchitsch - SEE: Brauchitsch

      von Delius - SEE: Delius

      von der Becke - SEE: Becke

      von Einsiedel - SEE: Einsiedel

      von Hillern-Flinsch - SEE: Hillern-Flinsch

      von Hoonholtz - SEE: Teffé

      von Kalnein - SEE: Kalnein

      von Kozmian - SEE: Kozmian

      von Lobkowicz - SEE: Lobkowicz

      von Michel-Raulino - SEE: Michel-Raulino

      von Morgen - SEE: Morgen

      von Tolna - SEE: Festetics

      von Trütschler - SEE: Trütschler

      von Waldthausen - SEE: Waldthausen

Vuillemenot ( )


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