Why on Earth Did You Come Back on Earth?

Lyrics by R.S.

Nineteen thousand megabels is breaking all the walls
The ropes that I was tied in free cause building falls
Succubus, succubus this must be, I murmur on my own
I wake up every now and then and still the mare goes on

You stand up and step towards the razor's edge
Too hot is to fly in infernal sledge
Suddenly you jump and shout a budo-scream
What you hear is what you get - or is it just a dream?

I listen to you with my Cerwin-Vega ear:
Aids does not exist is all I can hear
The Bells of hell is another sound
I cannot close my ears - again I'm bound

Astral flesh coagulated on your iron bed
Psychic defences overloaded in your head
Havoc starts on the day of your rebirth
The Question is: Why did you come back on earth?

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