Here is a small snapshot of the stuff I've made since the beginning of the 1990.

BoSM (Battles of Sir Mauno)
Multiplayer strategygame, similar to Empire and Battles of Napoleon (by SSI), in which your goal is to kick other player's armies off the map.

Mr Boulder
A game similar to Boulderdash with bombs.

Multiplayer tactical combat simulation similar to Sniper (Boardgame by TSR) and Laser Squad

A simple flight simulator made for course Tik-111.300 Computer Graphics

Single player rally speedway (a legendary game for Commodore 64) kind of a game for X-windows. Developed in spring 1998 for fourth excercise of course "Tik-76.004 Programming II" and in summer/autumn of 1999 for "Tik-111.595 Individual work".

A simple tank "game" made using VRML (as the second excercise for course "Tik-111.400 Virtual reality" in winter 1999-2000). The complete packet can be downloaded from here. You can download VRML-viewer (required to run the "game") for example from

Mörkö's vacation
Watch and see what happened during mörkö's previous summer vacation. A short flash-animation I made for "AS-75.103 The Basics of Publications Technology" in autumn 1999.

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