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Pax Romana

Welcome to our web-pages. We are a rock band from Finland. Some call us progressive rock band, some a band with a mixed bag of influences. Well, we don't know about genres, but would like you to make up your own mind. Listen to us. You'll find us from Spotify, iTunes, you name it. Read our latest reviews and pick a few songs from there.

We've been around for a while. Published three albums: "Trace of Light" (2005), "And the Dance Begins Again" (2009) and the latest one "Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground" (2012). Some of you will like it, some of you not - but as they say: Taste is like your butt, it has two sides on it. Take care.

Next Pax Romana Gigs!

19th of March 2015 The Rocks Helsinki
24th of April 2015 Poppari Jyväskylä
25th of July 2015 Jyrkkä Soi Jyrkkä

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Another excellent review from UK: CD Reviews

Written by Michael Anthony

They must be putting something in the water in Finland. Something good. Not content with gifting the world the fabulous Von Hertzen Brothers, the Finns have also incubated and unleashed again the re-energised, re-vitalised joy that is Pax Romana.

Initially forming in their mid-teens in 1970, it didn’t really happen for them back then. But with friendships, values and musical influences intact, Pax Romana seem to be experiencing a very creative and productive second coming.

In fact, ‘Let All Men Know – This Is Sacred Ground’ is their third album, following ‘Trace of Light’ (2005) and ‘And the Dance Begins Again’ (2009). The musical influences span progressive rock and ‘ambient’ folk, though the songs themselves are, for the most part, crisp and accessible, and you might even hear a touch of Leonard Cohen, Mark Knopfler and Chris Rea in there.

The album title comes from a war memorial in Melbourne which honours lost life and nature destroyed. The title track, the album’s only instrumental, is sufficiently mournful and reflective to carry off the intended tribute with appropriate sensitivity and gravitas.

Overall the album’s vibe is warm and inviting, and there is much to enjoy. Opener ‘Screaming Heads (Vox Humana)’ eases its way in and builds nicely. (Think Jethro Tull circa ‘Crest of a Knave’.) ‘Batman’ is gentle and laid back. ‘Soul Basement’ is more up-tempo, a quirky little number with an almost dance-like beat and a catchy chorus. ‘God’s Fruit’ has an extended ambient intro, a cool groove and some superb lead guitar, a heavily accented vocal contributing to its charm. ‘Blind Eye’ is the album’s longest track, allowing the band to stretch out just a little, with impressive effect. My personal favourite, though, is the beautiful and folky ‘Danish Lullaby’, which, like many of the tracks here, is enhanced by the sax playing of Kalle Fält, now a full member of the band having guested on the first two albums.

The name ‘Pax Romana’ is intended to reflect the “traditional humanist” values of the band – a commitment to social justice, equal rights and peace. In content and mood the songs reflect this, dealing with common aspects of life, love and hope. It’s uplifting and laudable stuff. ‘Let All Men Know ...’ is a classy, easy-listening delight – an interesting, assured and thoroughly pleasing offering from these self-proclaimed “Finnish Peace Boys”. “Don’t drink the water,” we are sometimes told. If you’re in Finland, ignore that advice – drink lots of it!

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Brilliant review from UK:

Finnish proggies Pax Romana may well have a surname sounding like a brand of stuffing mix but they roast it together with the right ingredients on this third album of theirs.

Swish, pedigree-based ambience with actual songs to speak of fills the air as 'Screaming Heads' opens and 'Blind Eye' ends. Singer/guitarist Matti Inkinen impresses with a strongly matured voice that sets about the echoes of the seventies household names their inspirations are fuelled from. Mighty guitar lines and smooth, everlasting keyboard pieces paralell each other alng each of these portions of prog excellence with ambient tact.

Taking sax player Kalle Falt on as a full time player adds to the attraction of the mix without trying to show off excessvely and gels the songs together with an everlasting glaze. Superb, pristine Pink Floyd inspired fayre that flourishes and leaves you finding a fragrantic after effect round your sound system, if not your entire living room.

Let all men - with taste - know this one is worth it.

Dave Attrill

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Record Fair and Prog-concert in Rekolan Kino in Vantaa 1.3.2014!

A record fair -day and prog-concert later in the evening is going to happen with two Running Moose/ Presence artists Esa Kotilainen and Pax Romana. The whole event will take place at Rekolan Kino in Vantaa - an old movie theatre scene. The fair starts at 11.00 and closes at 15.00. The concert starts at 18.00 and keyboard-wizard Esa Kotilainen is going to play his seventies Love Records-classic Ajatuslapsi. Then Pax Romana will end the evening playing material from all the three albums Trace of Light, And The Dance Begins Again and Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground.

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Have a look at what the press says about "Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground"

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Christmas Carol From Flanders video

It´s Christmas time again. Pax Romana wishes you and your loved ones a peaceful and happy Christmas time. See Frederick Niven´s great poem here.
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Let All Men Know - This is Sacred Ground is out!!

WE ARE ABSOLUTELY THRILLED ABOUT IT!! Our third album "Let All Men Know - This is Sacred Ground" is finally out. We believe this is by far the best thing we have done so far.

This time the album cover a painting is a of a Finnish painter Reidar Särestöniemi (1928 -1984). This is his painting from 1964 "Willow Grouses At The Fell" by kind courtesy of Kirsi ja Keio Eerikäisen Taidesäätiö Collection, Rovaniemi Art Museum and Kuvasto. Photo by Arto Liiti.

Reidar Särestöniemi was a Lappish painter, considered one of the greatest Finnish-Lappish artists in the entire history of Finland.

Read more information about the album here!

Photographs from our concert in Gloria, Helsinki

Suvi Kiviniemi took some amazing photographs during our concert in Gloria and gave permission to publish them. Enjoy!
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Pax Romana Live in Gloria, Helsinki

Our friend Jari Loisa videoed our gig and Harry Munter took photographs in Gloria. This was the opening song in the concert.

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Pictures from our gig in Base Bar in 9th of Nov 2011.

We would like to thank photographer Harri Munter for allowing us to share these photo's. See more here.

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Pax Romana's new T-Shirt is now available in Pax Romana Store. Go and order your shirt now from our Gallery Shop.

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We have got couple of reviews on our "And the Dance Begins Again". We have collected the them here, not only the positive once, but all. We expected some confusion and we were right. This wasn't a typical Progressive rock -genre album. We wanted to take our sound forward and here we are.

We have also played few gigs after the release of the album. We were thrilled by reactions from the audience. It showed the new songs do rock and the band felt good about it.
We would really like to thank our audience for supporting us. People dancing on Prog rock songs isn't that usual, but it felt really good. Thank you!
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