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The Hermeneutical Invasion of Philosophy and Economics (The Review of Austrian Economics. Vol. 3. Pdf-file 732KB)
- anti-hermeneutics

Intimidation by Rhetoric (The Review of Austrian Economics. Vol. 9. Num. 1. Pdf-file 276 KB)
- criticism of McCloskey and his hermeneuticism

Chaos Theory: Destroying Mathematical Economics from Within?
- an objectivist interpretation of the butterfly effect


The Essential von Mises
- an excellent overview of Austrian economics

Making Economic Sense
- a collection of articles on economic policy

Mises and the Role of the Economist in Public Policy
What are the moral obligations of the economist?
- truth and integrity above all

Breaking Out of the Walrasian Box: The Cases of Schumpeter and Hansen
(The Review of Austrian Economics. Vol. 1. Pdf-file 592 KB)
- technical monetary theory

Timberlake on the Austrian Theory of Money: A Comment (The Review of Austrian Economics. Vol 2 Pdf-file 428KB)
- criticises Chicago school monetary theory

The End of Socialism and the Calculation Debate Revisited
(The Review of Austrian Economics. Vol. 5. Num. 2. Pdf-file 1345 KB)
- caused a war between misesians and hayekians

The Consumption Tax: A Critique (The Review of Austrian Economics. Vol. 7. Num. 2. Pdf-file 801 KB)
- poll tax the only relatively good and neutral tax

Professor Hebert on Entrepreneurship (Journal of Libertarian Studies. Volume 7 Number 2. 1983. Pdf-file)

Protectionism Wrecks Prosperity
- summarizes the benefits of the free trade

Friedrich August von Hayek: 1899-1992
- short piece on the Nobel laureate


What Has Government Done to Our Money
- this classic book is the best introduction to monetary theory

Taking money back
- part 1 of introduction to banking

Fractional Reserve Banking
- part 2 of introduction to banking

How to save our economy from destruction
- part 3 of introduction to banking

Fractional Reserve Banking

The Mysterious Fed
- the emperor has no clothes

Alan Greenspan: A Minority Report
- on Rothbard's old studypal

Aurophobia: or, Free Banking on What Standard? A Review of
Gold, Greenbacks, and the Constitution, by Richard H. Timberlake
(The Review of Austrian Economics. Vol. 6. Num. 1. Pdf-file 618 KB)
- criticises Chicago banking theory


Anatomy of the State
- a classic piece on the evil nature of the state

Power and Market
- classic book, virtually a libertarian encyclopedia (Long pdf-file)

Freedom, Inequality, Primitivism, and the Division of Labor
- environmentalism and socialism both rebellions against nature
- signalled Rothbard's strategic turn from left to right

Nations by Consent: Decomposing the Nation-State
(Journal of Libertarian Studies. Volume 11 Number 1. Fall 1994. Pdf-file)
- defends secessionism. Very important!
- proprietary communities solution to drug, abortion, etc. problems

Robert Nozick and the immaculate conception of the state
(Journal of Libertarian Studies. Volume 1 Number 1. Winter 1977. Pdf-file)
- refutes Nozick's minarchism

How and How Not To Desocialize (The Journal of Libertarian Studies. Vol. 6. Num. 1. Pdf-file 629 KB)
- step by step privatisation plan

Education: Free and Compulsory
- excerpt from a classic book

Egalitarianism and the Elites (The Review of Austrian Economics. Vol. 8. Num. 2. Pdf-file 975 KB)
- freedom requires a natural aristocracy

The Laissez-Faire Radical: A Quest for the Historical Mises (Journal of Libertarian Studies. Vol. 5. Num. 3. Pdf-file)

Ludwig Von Mises and Natural Law: A Comment on Professor Gonce
(Journal of Libertarian Studies. Vol. 4. Num. 3. Pdf-file.)

King on Punishment: A Comment (Journal of Libertarian Studies. Vol. 4. Num. 2. Pdf-file)
- defends retribution

The Great Women's Liberation Issue: Setting It Straight (The Individualist)
- classic article on Second Wave feminism from 1970

Are Diamonds Really Forever? (The Free Market)
- on de Beers cartel

The Flag Flap (The Free Market)
- on the US flag burnings

Is It The Economy, Stupid? (The Free Market)

Revolution Comes Home (The Free Market)
- on the bogus republican revolution

Mozart was a red
- parody of Rand and her objectivist cult

Rothbard on the Elections of November 1950
- one of Rothbard's first pieces on elections

For President: Bill Smith, Beatnik
- a classic on 1960 elections

Frank Meyer on the Communist Bogey-Man (Left and Right. Vol. 3. Num. 2. Pdf-file 774 KB)
- an answer to paranoid anti-communists of all times


Concepts of the Role of Intellectuals In Social Change Toward Laissez Faire
(Journal of Libertarian Studies Volume 9 Number 2. 1990. Pdf-file)
- on the early liberal schools Taoism, Burgundy Circle, physiocrats and utilitarians

L'éclat de Turgot (In French)
- on the pro-Austrian Turgot

Adam Smith en Examen (In French)
- on the socialist side of Smith and the capitalist side of the scholastics.

The Growth of Libertarian Thought
- excerpt from his book Conceived in Liberty
- on 18th century American libertarianism

Whisky Rebellion: A Model for Our Time? (Free Market)
- glorious rebellion against USA (United Socialists of America)

The Myth of Free Banking in Scotland (The Review of Austrian School. Vol. 2. Pdf-file 809 KB)
- smashes Chicago-Friedmanite free banking theory and history

Karl Marx: Communist as Religious Eschatologist (The Review of Austrian Economics. Vol. 4. Pdf-file 3074 KB)
- Marxism was born out of neo-religious rebellion against reality

Bureaucracy and the Civil Service in the United States
(The Journal of Libertarian Studies. Volume 11, Number 2. Summer 1995. Pdf-file 161 KB)

Origins of the Welfare state in America (Journal of Libertarian Studies. Volume 12, Number 2. Spring 1996. Pdf-file)
- emphasises womens role in erecting the welfare state

The Origins of the Federal Reserve (The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. Vol. 2. Num. 3. Pdf-file)
- conspiracy of bankers and big business

World War I as Fulfillment: Power and the Intellectuals (Journal of Libertarian Studies. Vol, 9. Num, 1. 1989. Pdf-file)
- emphasies intellectuals role in building corporatist welfare state

The foreign policy of the Old Right (Journal of Libertarian Studies. Vol. 2 Num. 1. 1978. Pdf-file)
- the old right was isolationist and very libertarian

Frank Chodorov, RIP (Left and Right. Vol. 3. Num. 1. Pdf-file 181KB)
- on the paleoconservative hero

Harry Elmer Barnes, RIP (The Journal of Libertarian Studies. Vol. 4. Num. 1. Pdf-file 192KB)
- on the great leftist revisionist historian

Pearl Harbor: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary (Left and Right. Vol. 2. Num. 3. Pdf-file 32KB)
- very revisionist

Cold War Revisionism, The Major Historical Task (Left and Right. Vol. 2. Num. 2. Pdf-file 446KB)
- very revisionist, against american imperialism

The New Libertarian Creed
- how libertarians continued the anti-war tradition of the old right

Psychoanalysis as a Weapon
- on the fallacies of psychohistory
- shrinks are agents of the state


Block, Walter and Rockwell, Llewellyn H. Jr.
Man, Economy, and Liberty (The Review of Austrian Economics. Vol. 4. Pdf-file 880 KB)
- very good overview of Rothbard's books

Cobin, John
A Compendium of Kirzner and Rothbard (Mises Scholars Drafts. February 9, 2000. Pdf-file)

Gordon, David
M.N. Rothbard: A Scholar in Defense of Freedom
- an excellent overview of Rothbards books and theories

Jackson, Candice
Murray Rothbard's Ethics of Liberty: What It Is and What It Is Not (Mises Scholars Drafts. August 2, 1999. Pdf-file)

McElroy, Wendy
Murray N. Rothbard: Mr. Libertarian
- McElroy is the director of ifeminist.com

Modugno, Roberta
The Anarcho-Capitalist Political Theory of Murray N. Rothbard: Its Historical and Intellectual Context
(Mises Scholars Drafts. October 4, 1999. Pdf-file)

Modugno, Roberta A.
Murray N. Rothbard E L'Anarco-Capitalismo Americano (Rubbettino, 1998, 207 pgs.)
- reviewed by David Gordon

Peron, Jim
Rothbard Unmasked
- Peron is an objectivist hostile to Rothbard
- see also Joseph Stromberg's reply: Rand vs. Rothbard. Reply to Peron

Powell, Jim
The life and times of Murray N. Rothbard
- this is a chapter from Powell's book The Triumph of Liberty

Raimondo, Justin
Murray Rothbard: An Enemy of The State (Amherst, NY: Prometheus, 2000)
- Raimondo is the director of Anti-WarCom
- reviewed by Joseph Stromberg
- reviewed by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
- http://www.mises.org/fullstory.asp?control=476&FS=+In+Defense+of+Rothbard

Rockwell, Llewellyn H. Jr.
Murray N. Rothbard: A Legacy of Liberty
- excellent summary of Rothbard's theories
- Rockwell is the president of the Ludvig von Mises Institute

Rockwell, Llewellyn H. Jr. (ed.)
The Irrepressible Rothbard
- Rothbard's articles from the Rothbard-Rockwell Report
- reviewed by Charley Reese

Rothbard, JoAnn
My View of Murray Rothbard
- Rothbard's wife tells their story

Štefunko, Martin
Mises and Rothbard on consumers' sovereignty: Is there a difference? (Mises Scholars Drafts. July 26, 2000 Pdf-file)

Stromberg, Joseph
Murray N. Rothbard on States, War, and Peace: Part I - II
- Stromberg writes the popular column Old Cause

Stromberg, Joseph R.
Rothbard Versus Rothbard: A False Dilemma
- defends Rothbard's consistency

Terrell, Timothy
On the Origin of Property Rights: A Critique of Hoppe and Rothbard on Ethics (Mises Scholars Drafts. May 5, 2000. Pdf-file)


America's Great Depression
- introduction by Paul Johnson

An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought. 2 vols.
- reviewed by David Gordon
- reviewed by Leland B. Yeager
- reviewed by Roger Backhouse
- reviewed by Paul Heyne

The Case Against The Fed
- reviewed by David Gordon

Conceived in Liberty
- reviewed by Laissez Faire Books

Egalitarianism: A Revolt Against Nature
- foreword by R.A. Childs, Jr.

The Ethics of Liberty
- introduction by Rothbard to the French Edition
- introduction by Hans-Hermann Hoppe to the new 1998 edition
- reviewed by David Gordon

The Logic of Action
- reviewed by David Gordon

Man, Economy and the State
- reviewed by Ludvig von Mises

Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy
- reviewed by David Gordon

- perhaps sometimes with other editors

The Prospects of Liberty (Pdf-file 810KB)

Fortune and American "Idealism" (Pdf-file 144KB)

Discovering the Ninth Amendment (Pdf-file 163KB)

Liberty and the New Left (Pdf-file 1059KB)
- pro-leftist

Old Right/New Left (Pdf-file 137KB)
- pro-leftist

New Right: National Review’’s Anniversary (Pdf-file 179KB)
- anti-neoconservative

New Right: Future (Pdf-file 48KB)

From Georgia With Love: The Case of Julian Bond (Pdf-file 35KB)

The Irish Revolution (Pdf-file 154KB)

The Power of the President (Pdf-file 105KB)

Labor Unionism, Two Views (Pdf-file 171KB)

Our First Anniversary (Pdf-file 66KB)

Why Be Libertarian? (Pdf-file 185KB)

The Cry for Power: Black, White, and Polish (Pdf-file 110KB)

The Martyrdom of Earl Francis (Pdf-file 33KB)

SDS: The New Turn (Pdf-file 296KB)

Ronald Reagan as Educator (Pdf-file 73KB)

Is There a Nazi Threat (Pdf-file 142KB)

Liberalism and the CIA (Pdf-file 55KB)

Ernesto Che Guevar, RIP (Pdf-file 109KB)
- very leftist

The Black Revolution (Pdf-file 88KB)
- very leftist

On Desecrating the Flag (Pdf-file 382KB)


Lecture excerpts
- includes several short mp3-files of Rothbard's lectures