AO-40 Minimun antenna experiments

Some experimenting with small antennas for AO-40

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- a good homebrew P-HEMT (NF=0.6 dB) preamplifier is my favourite when using gain antennas looking generally at cold sky

- received telemetry beacon and strong signals with W-LAN panel antenna (77k) @ ALON/ALAT 0/0 (photo: spring 2003)

- UO-11 2.4 GHz dish feed (96k) (2.25 turn RHCP helix) useful with AO-40 at ALON/ALAT 0/0 (photo: spring 2003)

- during orbit 1362 (ALON/ALAT ~21/0) the post-apogee pointing provided better signals due to shorter slant range

- listened to strong SSB, CW and SSTV signals all morning in my living room using this (94k) setup, through triple glazing !

- even listened to occasional strong signals with this (52k) 2.4 GHz RHCP Quadrifilar Backfire Helix

- most amazingly, this omnidirectional antenna could pick up FEC corrected telemetry from AO-40

- the complete setup of QBFH (84k) and modified Drake 2880 converter

- dimensions of the reworked S53MV GPS QBFH modified for 2.4 GHz may be found here (10k)

- screenshot of the StaRCV FEC decoder (77k) software showing error free telemetry packets

- this in spite of heavy local microwave oven and W-LAN background hash and interference :-)

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Updated 17.10.2003