Some assorted non-ham stuff:

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- a link to an article on my Grandad's patented invention, a very, very cool (literally) 2-stroke engine

- a wintry shore shot of Lake Vesijako (63k) in early December (04.12.2006)

- a beautiful lynx strutted down our main road on the morning of April 7th, 2010. A couple of fuzzy photos: 1 and 2 (pretty hectic with the camera !)

- the Moomin house got it's final roofing (151k) this summer with the kind help of Antti, OH2MNI (28.08.2008)

- a homebrew scarecrow that actually works

- some halo photos: behind a fur tree, behind my glove, zenith ring, and the lefthand side of the whole system

- a crop circle right there in my back yard...

- a few hours can mean the world of difference (before), especially at the Finnish National Amateur Radio Camp (after) ;-)

- Dad and Nuisance

- Dad, myself and Paul in mutiny on lake Kyynäröjärvi (my homebrew pontoon in the background)

- my childhood home in Farnborough, grabbed off Google in 2010

- our greenhouse I built in 2007

- summer house landing stage in the December 2005

- the "aitta"

- view to the lake over the cellar

- on the corner of the workshop

- rearside of the summerhouse

- Grandpa's old boathouse by the frozen lake

- the road to our summerhouse is clearly marked ;-)

- our traditional springtime watermill, this time in 2009

- and of course a short video (about 1.7 Mb) to go with it ;-)

- a photo of Mom

- the latest GME development

- cool stratospheric clouds just before Christmas 2006 (10.04.2007)

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