Part of the Imari-2007 team, photo: OH2LH

The former ILMARI-2003 Balloon Project flew as ILMARI-2007:

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- Ilmari-2003/2007 is a non-profit Amateur Radio Project with most of the components and hardware coming from the junk box !

- Ilmari-2003 was renamed Ilmari-2007 for this maiden launch on 11.08.2007, just a few minutes before 0700 UTC

- the most interesting payload is the VHF/UHF linear transponder that is by design potentially spaceworthy for future satellite projects

- this Ilmari flight was by far the most complex payload to date

- Ilmari-2007 was launched (151 k) (photo: OH3FHM) from a small village called Vesijako in the municipality of Padasjoki in the locator KP21MI

- photo (104 k) (photo: OH3FHM) of the just released Ilmari-2007 with Totex TA-1200 balloon, homebrew parachute and 2650 gram payload

- also the turnstile antennas for VHF and UHF are visible, as is the 1.3 GHz Big Wheel

- the Packet Positioning transmitter antenna, GPS antenna, separation mechanism and 40 m wire end-fed for 3.5 MHz are not visible

- the main Telemetry, Command & Control station (135 k) (photo OH6MHZ) was built into a van

- a purposely built 120 cm tracking dish system (228 k) was put together for the 1.3 GHz FM ATV transmission monitoring by OH2LH

- here you may find a plot (520 k) ( ) of the flight route

- the search/recovery team included two radio amateur built experimental planes OH-XKR (172 k) and OH-XST (192 k) (photos: OH6MHZ) and here is the XKR flight route (577 k)

- OH2MQK has analysed the acquired altitude as 31.0 (+0.1/-0.3) km at 09:27 UTC (+- 1 minuutti) - we clearly busted the 30 km limit !

- there is also a lot of analysed flight data, mostly by OH2MQK, here

- there were tens of stations on the VHF/UHF transponder, including the traditional alligators

- some alligators were close to 30 dB _above_ the 70 cm beacon, when all traffic is supposed be 6 dB _below_ the beacon

- here are couple of nice QSO's, albeit plagued with alligators that occasionally flat-topped the transponder AGC/ALC:

- an RF spectrum sample GIF animation, 1.5 Mbyte) (data: OH2LKV, animation: OH2AUE) from the reference VHF/UHF station showing some of the worst overloading

- please note that the spectrum is inverted, i.e. the beacon (is supposed to be) at the left hand corner

- the HF beacon was heard all round Finland, as was also the 70 cm CW beacon and 70 cm Packet Telemetry Beacon

- apparently the ATV transmission was viewed by the launch team only :-(

- launch preparations were handled by:

- Ilmari-2007 was located about 8 minutes after touch-down by OH2JIU and Mikko Saarisalo of the Search Team

- Recovery Team taking a well-deserved break(74 k) (photo: OH6MHZ)

- here is a photo (433 k) (photo: OH2JIU) of the dangling Ilmari-2007, photographed from the road, just 2 meters away

- and a closeup (189 k) (photo: OH6MHZ) of the actual payload as found

- the Telemetry, Command and Control Station was 100 % redundant:
- what the local newspaper, Padasjoen Sanomat, had to say about all this (344 k)

- final Ilmari Bandplan for the 2007 flights (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 24 k)

- Ilmari Data Sheet (Word Document, 57 k)

- Ilmari Brochure (Word Document, 85 k)

- Ilmari Operation Manual (Word Document, 23 k)

- a presentation video of Ilmari-2007 hardware by OH6VM (in Finnish, about 10 Mb)

- video footage of the launch preparations, launch, flight and search of Ilmari-2007 by OH6MHZ (intensive course in Finnish, about 255 Mb)

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Updated 10.11.2008