Watching the launch live over satellite !

Watching the launch live from home:

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- overall view of the temporary launch watch setup (53k) at home at three AM ;-) (DB2OS on the screen !)

- the TS736S and G3RUH 400 bps PSK demodulator waiting for the initial telemetry (68k) to be expected within a few hours

- an oscilloscpope is used for the display of my homebrew satellite transponder monitor (53k) operating at L band

- a closer view of the transponders on Astra 1G with MCPC carriers (49k) on the left, analogue and others to the right

- the live MPEG-2 transmission of the launch yielded good quality PAL composite video (50k) for recording onto DVC

(no digital interface available)

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Updated 07.12.00/Michael Fletcher