AMSAT-OH contributes to the Phase 3D Satellite

The Launch Campaign in Kourou, French Guyana:

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- arrived in Kourou just in time to see the Ariane 506 launch (42k) carrying Astra and GE-7 into space !

- the spectacular rising (46k) of the Ariane 5 rocket was more impressive (36k) by far than any other launch I have seen

- this launch was a 100 % success (84k) and both customers are happy - we are next ;-)

- all RF and microwave equipment was routinely tested (78k) for the last time - everything in flight condition !!!

- there WAS a minor glitch with the X band TX due to testing conditions, but this bulb (45k) (!) by W5DID fixed all that ;-)

- a general view of the test bench (66k) with spectrum analysers, signal generators, scopes, power meters and power supplies

- and an overall view of the test equipment (84k) right next to the spacecraft

- even demodulated (267k sound file) and decoded (49k) (n.b.: only LASER on !) the 400 bps infrared LASER telemetry....

- ....with my OPT209 optical receiver (54k) and a G3RUH modem + software (by W4SM) !!!

- this beautiful specimen of a bat (42k) found itself into our office one night...

- waking up in the morning at sunrise wasn't too bad with this view of Devil's Island (63k) from the hotel room window !

- more photos by the AMSAT-DL official documentation specialist Wilfried Gladisch on the AMSAT-DL site

- the provisional Arianespace Launch Manifest may be checked here

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Updated 15.10.00/Michael Fletcher