Some photos from a 1984 expedition

An expedition back in 1984 and some others too:

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- shave off a few kilograms and years, remove some gray hair and the beard and you might even recognize yours truly... (photo by OH2DV)

- the triangulation tower is still there, though mighty rotten. Marjatta, OH2DV-XYL at the right, but anybody identify the young gentleman to the left ?

- the rig in my hand is an FM voice Gunn diode rig with about 10 mW output and 100 MHz IF - this is still in use as an ATV TX with the same 15 dBi horn (13.03.2010)

- photo of Esa, OH2BWL ( 84k ) and his Gunnplexer rig ( IF 100 MHz )

- an overall view of the Miemala ( 61k ) triangulation tower used for the QSO's ( ripped down since )

- and here is a picture of OH3KT ( 95k ) with his DRO stabilized ( GaAs-FET ) rig, IF = 100 MHz

- a good friend of mine, OH2DV ( 98k ) poses with his Gunnplexer rig ( 100 MHz IF ) with homemade dish

- in 1987 OH2DV and I spent a week in Lauhanvuori ( 47k ) with a goal of breaking the 10 GHz Finnish record

- OH2DV's 60 cm dish on the tower ( 71k ) ( below equipment shelter ) used for the 232 km QSO to the Åland islands

- some high power ERP ( 67k ) scatter experiments with OH2DV ( 67k ) in 1985.

- some long distance troposcatter experiments from a broadcasting tower ( 70k ) in Helsinki in 1986

- another photo (35k) from the same session, taken by OM Pauli, OH2DV (15 W from Hughes TWTA to a 60 cm dish), full duplex 10369/10224 MHz FM

- OH2AWW ( 68k ) on another similar occasion the same summer

- here is another nice photo from the OH2DV archives: location Erkylä link tower, with myself in the center tuning up and OH2AWW on the right working away

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Updated 13.03.2010