Some photos of working /p from KP20DB

Some fuzzy 10 GHz photos from Kopparnäs in Inkoo:

Photos taken on 10.05.00 (pretty dark at around 10 PM) during the Nordic VUSHF meeting in Inkoo. SM0FZH worked the camp station OH2NXX on 144, 432, 1296 and 10368 MHz.

- station mobilized (60k) under the callsign OH2NXX/P for the Nordic VUSHF meeting (dish OH2AUE, rig OH2AXH)

- a view of the station against an experimental windmill (57k) in Kopparnäs, KP20DB

- the 10 GHz 1.2 m dish pointing towards SM0FZH (64k). Raports exchanged were 539/539 solid copy from over 300 km away.

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Updated 13.06.2000