An experimental 1420 MHz LNA

The 1420 MHz hydrogen line preamp:

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- this is the current 1420 MHz hydrogen line preamp ( 74k ) for testing ( sorry - not cleaned yet ! )

- circuit diagram ( 9k )of this particular 0.5 dB noise figure amplifier

- the dimensions of the cavity and the resonator (12k ) are fairly critical, but otherwise you can use your imagination !

- here you can see the vector error corrected noise figure ( 9k )and associated gain measured with the Anritsu MS4623B

- the associated gain and matching ( 8k ), note horrendous matching and non coincidence with optimum noise figure !!!

- because of the typical poor matching of this type of design, there is a difference between available and insertion gains (7k )

- a more traditional non-vector error corrected SCALAR noise figure measurement shows a higher noise figure !!! ( 7k )

- I am still toying with the idea of coming up with a better matched P-HEMT design ;-)

- maybe even a multistage Peltier cooled LNA ( boosted by an article by Miteq, Inc. in Microwave Journal, April 1999 ).

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Updated 14.07.1999