P3D X-band TX IHU Simulator

Features of the AMSAT-OH X-band TX control box:

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The IHU Simulator Box ( 36k ) gives full control of the P3D satellite X-band TX when constructing and testing the equipment. The box virtually simulates the commands from the IHU ( Indoor Housekeeping Unit ) of the satellite and also generates IF signals for testing the RF characteristics of the high power transmitter.

- ON/OFF control of TX, SSPA and TWTA

- TWT helix overcurrent trip reset testing

- TWT heater overheat control testing

- linearity control with four bit resolution via AGC offset

- analysis of analogue telemetry

- analysis of Combined States digital telemetry ( logic status of TWT )

- generation of single/dual tone with adjustable calibrated level for linearity analysis

- pulse modulation of single carrier with 10/90 % duty cycle for PEP measurement

- testing of simulated 28V separated

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Updated 01.04.1999