Doug, VK4OE

Doug, VK4OE visited Finland in August 2000:

Doug, VK4OE had his triple band rover rig with him when he and his wife Ruth visited us in August 2000. We had a sked with OH2AXH on 2.3 and 10.368 GHz from my favourite rover hill in KP20KG (my home square at this resolution...!)

- myself and Doug sitting down for a chat (64k) in the garden with my Mom's retriever Pii wondering what's going on...

- Doug beaming (48k) his 10 GHz signal towards OH2AXH in KP20OK some 30 km away. Signals are 59 on 10 GHz.

- the front panel of Doug's trople band rig (42k) for 144/2304/2320/10368 MHz. Note the heavily modified IC202 ;-)

- Doug did not have a 2.3 GHz antenna, so we made a makeshift radiator (40k) with a spare test lead in the N connector...

- 59 on SSB; I wonder what the electrical length of our 2.3 GHz long wire (43k) antenna was with the banana top capacitor ?

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Updated 16.08.2000