Installation of 10 GHz flight model transmitter onto Space Craft Bus

Installation of the AMSAT-OH 10 GHz high power PA redundant transmitter in Orlando, Florida:

The official AMSAT-OH homepage is, but here are a couple of images to get you started:

This image shows Harri Leskinen, OH2JMS holding the X-band TWTA and PSU ( 325 k ) donated by AMSAT-DL. This is just prior to installation of the amplifier onto the Phase III D Spacecraft Bus in the cleanroom facilities of AMSAT-NA in Orlando, Florida in the spring of 1997.

This image of Harri and I in the clean room ( 326 k ) is taken by Lou McFadin, W5DID. You can see the TWTA and PSU are installed vertically on the Space Craft bay facing the camera.

Here you can see Harri and myself at one of the integration laboratory test setups ( 343 k ) where we are making the final tests of the 10 GHz transmitter after transport to the integration facility in Orlando. The white box on the table is the Indoor Housekeeping Unit Simulator we use to create a virtual interface simulating the IHU. The box is used to fully control the 10 GHz transmitter without the facilities of the spacecraft control environment. This picture is also by Lou.