NEWS 2004

Next litter planned late spring 2005
Dam Margate Art Collection.

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Happy reunion!

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Freja sitting in her breeder Monica Forsanders lap.
Frejas page updated with new pictures.

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28.11.2004 Kuusankoski, judge Jorma Silta, FIN
Fenbrook Burn The Floor got Excellent, was 2nd Best Male and got res-CAC


2.11.2004 Fenbrook And I Love Her and Fenbrook Burn The Floor
got their eyes checked and both without remarkings

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Hip score results:

Fenbrook Burn The Floor B
Fenbrook And I Love her B
Northworth King's Command C

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16.10.2004 Finnish Spaniel Club's 40 years anniversary show
judge Keith Costello, kennel Judika, UK
Fenbrook That's My Girl was best minor bitch puppy (5-7 months)

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Photo: Eva Bensky

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Freja never stops!

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25.9.2004 Hyvinkää, all breed puppyshow, judge Merja Ylhäinen, Finland
Fenbrook That's My Girl was in her first show and with great result, Best Of Breed Puppy!

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Photo: Eva Bensky

19.9.2004 Hyvinkää, judge Helin Kasuk, Estonia
Fenbrook Burn The Floor was 3rd Best Male and got res-CAC

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* Welcome Freja! *

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Photo: Monica Forsander

Manaca's Xcuse My Conduct

Our latest addition to the kennel comes from Sweden, kennel Manaca's.
Thank you Monica Forsander for this lovely little bitch!

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12.9.2004 Porvoo, tuomari Kari Salminen
Fenbrook Burn The Floor was shown for the second time

and was Best Male with CAC and BOS !!!

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Photo:Eva Bensky

28.8.2004 Kouvola, judge Laszlo Erdös, Hungary
Northworth King's Command got Excellent, won workingclass and was 2nd Best Male

6.-8.8.2004 Sawo Show, Kuopio (3 shows)

Northworth King's Command was on Saturday 2nd Best Dog winning his 3rd CC and became
Finnish Show Champion. Judge was Harri Lehkonen from Finland.
Special thanks to Marjut Kakko for super handling!

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FIN CH Northworth King's Command

18.7.2004 Ylivieska, judge Kresten Scheel, Denmark
Northworth King's Command
*** Best male with CAC and Best of Breed ***

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Photo: Kari Mattila

11.7.2004 Mäntsälä, judge Jorma Silta, Finland
Fenbrook And I Love Her 4th best bitch

13.6.2004 Virkkala, judge Lisette Delvaux, Belgium
Northworth King's Command was best male with CAC and BOS
(Raccoon's Impulsive Lady BOB)

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15.5.2004 Mynämäki, judge Davor Javor, Croatia
Northworth King's Command won his class and was again 4th best male and got res-CAC

18.4.2004 Hämeenlinna, judge Ritva Raita, Finland
Northworth King's Command was 4th best male and got res-CAC
Fenbrook And I Love Her got also res-CAC and both of them won their classes

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6.4.2004 Margate Up For Sure gave birth to 4 bitches and 2 males, all are black.
Father is I&LUX CH Shavian Hey Presto. More information on puppypage.