Q-litter (born 15.11.2007)

Sire: Thornapple Paint The Town "Glidden"
Dam: Hazelmoor Happy Hour "Ziki"

Hazelmoor Qasper


Red merle male with nbt

2xCC, BH, MH, mental tested +140, competes in open obedience

Hazelmoor Qasimir


Red merle male with long tail

Mental tested +78

Hazelmoor Qaunotar


Blue merle female with long tail

BH, Mental tested +185, competes in obedience and water rescue

Hazelmoor Qastanja


Red tri female with long tail

Hazelmoor Qaramelli


Black tri female with nbt

Mental tested +152, competes in agility III

Hazelmoor Qeiju


Blue merle female with nbt

At 7 weeks