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GIC Baslatan's Snow Ball
Born: 13 of December 1995
White with yellow eyes, MCO w 62

Mom: Sunregal's Velvet ‘N' Lace
Dad: Sunregal's Two Eyes Ticannaff
Breeder: C. P. Helders, Netherland, Baslatan´s

HCM1 and SMA negative

Inbreeding: 8,44%
Clones: 12,2%
Top5: 34,3%
Top3: 25,5%
Top2: 17,2%



CH Fullmoon's Jeez I'm On Fire
Born: 12 of October 2000
Red tabby with white, MCO d 09 22, neutered

Mom: EC Fullmoon's Bohemian Rhapsody
Dad: IC TipTop Maine King
Breeder: Mari Jokiaho, Fullmoon´s

Inbreeding: 11% (complete)
Clones: 30,1%
Top5: 68,4%
Top3: 52,1%
Top2: 35,3%


MiuMix Snowballs of Fire
Born: 9th of February 2007
White with yellow eyes, MCO w 62

Mom: IC Fullmoon's Rendez-Vous
Dad: The Sympathycats Verso

FeLV and FIV negative 23rd of September 2010
HCM and PKD negative by ultrasound 23rd of September 2010
HCM1 negative by parents
SMA negative

Inbreeding: 6,25%
Clones: 14,9%
Top5: 56,6%
Top3: 41,8%
Top2: 28,7%



MiuMix Itty-Bitty Putty Cat
Born: 28th of March 2008
Black mackerel tabby with white, MCO n 03 23

Mom: IC Fullmoon's Rendez-Vous
Dad: CH Tenfold's David Bowie

FIV and FeLV negative 4th of March 2009
HCM and PKD negative by ultrasound 5th of March 2010
HCM1 negative

Inbreeding: 4,54%
Clones: 17,2%
Top 5: 43,9%
Top 3: 33,4%
Top 2: 22,9%


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