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Our beautiful white princess.
She is from Snowy's last mating and came to us from Fullmoon's cattery. As she was born at 1st of April, we thought that Mari was joking when she called us that the white girl we wanted had born. LouLouette fitted right in when she moved to us. Suddenly she had three men taking care of her every whim. Snowy is the Daddy, washes her and sleeps by her side. Pomo is the Bodyguard, when she cries out Pomo is there in a flash to defend the princess. Pörri is the PlayPal, if he is not running fast enough she can always bit him in the butt and there is a instant burst of speed :-) This gang is our perfect set of Three men and the Baby.
LouLouette is the true princess of MiuMix. She always gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants it, and how ever she likes it.
She is a caring and devoted mother, but definitely knows how to keep her young ones in check.

Litters I, II, III and IV

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