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                          MYANMAR - BURMA
                                     A tree days trip to Kengtung in Myanmar
                                               January 2006
                                                            (also spelled Cheingtung, Chiang Tung, and Kyaingtong)
 Kengtung is a small town in North East Myanmar in the Shan State.  The major means of access is from  Thailand's northernmost town  Mae Sai.
Kengtung was closed to outsiders for much of recent history.  It was opened for foreign visitors in 1993.
 You have to take a taxi and a guide in Tachileik, which is the border city. The journey to Kengtung from Tachileik  takes about 3,5 hours (170 km).   The taxi for four persons costs 1800,00 Thai bahts for return trip and the taxidriver is your guide during the journey.

Well, the car was an old right-hand drive Corolla from the 80's!  With no tripmeter and no speedmeter or seatbelts!

The road is narrow with beautiful views. Six times we were stopped by immigration or police checkpoints.

Kengtung is the capital of the Shan State. The surrounding is populated  by many ethnic Hill Tribe groups. The days - and street markets - begin very early in the morning.  At night the electricity is stopped and you have to use a pocket torch when walking in the city. Harry's Gueshouse offered a very pleasant accommodation.

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