My name is Niko Jakobsson. I am 25 years old student. I study law at University of Helsinki in Faculty of Law. Beside that I study also computer sciences and communication.

I did my matriculation examination in spring 2003. Year 2004 I spent in military service. I was in the navy and I served as a maritime officer. I passed military service with excellent grades and now my military rank is sub lieutenant. After the army I started studies in Department of Computer Science in autumn 2005. In Faculty of Law I started a year after that. Nowadays my main subject is law. I am planning to graduate in the next two or three years.

I also work beside studies. I am an editor at  Edita and I work with Legal Information Services (i.e. Finlex and Edilex). I also write articles to MikroPC-magazine. MikroPC is a professional computer magazine.

You can contact me using a feedback form.