The Cottage (July 2001 to December 2009)

It all begun due to me having so much difficulties in getting one of the last countries that I needed to complete my DXCC, namely Bouvet. I did finally make it through but the experience made me think that the very last one, i.e. Peter 1 Island, might prove to be even more difficult, as I had already missed one pedition. So I begun to look for some properties in Somero, where Tuula is born. That would have been a good solution in the sense that it would have been easy to get my family with me there when I wanted to operate radios, and the distance is reasonable, about 100 kilometers. Having calculated what it all costs, the economic imperatives decided otherwise, though.  

Thus when in July 2001 a share of a log house in Simpsiö mountain, Lapua, became available, Maukka OH2BYS managed to convince me buying it even as I had some doubts related to the distance which is 400 kilometers. The other ham radio owners are OH6MF and OH6SM . Simpsiö mountain is the main downhill skiing center in the area and our log house is at the very top, so takeoff to DX is superior to whatever I have operated from before. The log house is on it's own property and at the time of me becoming one of the owners there was one 36 meter high tower with largish monoband yagis just at one corner of the building. Later we erected another tower of equal height a bit further away and installed up a stack of two element 7 MHz yagis to it. In addition we had some tribanders and VHF antennas.

Then most of the antennas were destroyed by a small tornado which is very unusual in Finland. We had insurance but unfortunately we had not upgraded it when the second tower was built. We got some money back anyway and due to hard work of OH2BYS the station is once again operational, though not really in as good shape as it used to be.

I did, finally, make it to the Peter 1 island, though I did not really need the heights of the the Simpsiö mountain for that. The QTH produced me a few band points and I have operated there a few contests with limited success. However, the setup is not really competitive and the 400 km drive to get there was beginning to take it's toll. So finally, in December 2009, I sold away my share. I remember with fondness the family related activities we had there. It is a good place to someone who likes winter sports.

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