Curriculum Vitae of Jari Jokiniemi


I have a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Helsinki (April 1991). The degree includes mathematics which is a standard item, and in addition
an economics package given by the Helsinki University of Technology, which is quite unusual. As far as I know, I was the third person ever to combine economics package of another university into a degree of Helsinki University, as the co-operation contract of  the capital city area universities was a new thing those days. 

Work Experience

3.12.2007 onwards I have been IT manager of Helsinki City Transport. This is quite different world from what I knew before. I wanted to work at the buyer's side and in a company that operates domestically. So this is it. 

1.4.1998 - 2.12.2007 Nokia Oyj (1.4.2007 Nokia Networks became Nokia Siemens Networks due to a merger with Siemens)

I wonder if the grass looks greener on the other side or if it is the very same grass after all. I don't really know. What I know is that my life changed to a different path from writing software myself when I joined Nokia and became project manager in a department that produced network planning software. In addition, I was responsible for subcontracting management and contract preparations of the department until this function was centralized. I also made a few frame agreements for map suppliers on behalf of another department. Then for quite some time I was R&D group manager. I participated in budgeting, cost control, and strategy preparations and stuff like that. Nokia changed organizational structure rapidly, so I became R&D program manager for a few years. Strangely enough I had also line management tasks at the same time. For the very last few months with Nokia Siemens Networks I returned to ordinary project management tasks. I had been riding on the peak of telecom networks business and it was time to move on. 

2.1.1995 - 30.3.1998 Tekla Oy 

I was software designer in Special Systems Department (which was later in 2007 sold to Patria, the leader of Finnish defence industry). I designed and implemented products for public safety and public order. I managed and was an active member of a small project team that produced a graphical map-based surveillance system. I also designed a software library for route optimization and consulted other companies regarding database technologies. I think this was my peak of technical competence in software engineering, especially in C++ and Windows programming in general.

22.8.1994 - 1997 Helsinki Institute of Technology 

I had secondary teaching occupation with computer basics, Internet, and C++ programming. These were good times. I almost stayed there. I was offered a full-time position, but after some hesitation I declined. I have sometimes wondered how life would have been had I taken that one, at least the job would have been secure. A friend of mine took it then instead of me. 

1.7.1989 - 30.12.1994 Technical Research Centre of Finland 

This was my entry to a full-time job. The idea was to make master's thesis and get paid for doing it. For us at Helsinki University this was a pretty uncommon thing to do at work, the norm was to do it on your own time. In contrast, for Helsinki University of Technology students it was the standard procedure. I have no idea why there was such a difference between the two universities. 

I was programmer 1.7.1989 - 30.6.1990, software designer 1.7.1990 - 30.4.1991, and research scientist 1.5.1991 - 30.12.1994 in a database research group. I did basic research on distributed heterogeneous database systems and some consulting related to intelligent networks. I was responsible for customer negotiations and I also had some programming tasks to develop a telematic service that helps people to find best routes using public transport (TELMO-Aikataulut). As my last task, I designed and implemented the core of a real-time main-memory database system. 

These were the times of C and C++ languages, HP UX and VAX VMS operating systems, and Sybase, Ingres, and Oracle databases. In retrospect, the most important thing was that this job carried me through the recession when huge amounts of IT jobs vanished. 

25.2.1988 - 30.6.1989 Profesyhtiöt Oy 

This was a part time job as software designer while studying at the office hours. I implemented a report writer’s pseudo code compiler and parts of it’s interpreter (C/Yacc/UNIX). I also made parts of a general ledger with Progress 4GL.

16.1.1989 - 10.5.1989 University of Helsinki 

I had a secondary occupation in teaching a course called VAX/VMS järjestelmä.

16.1.1988 - 10.5.1988 University of Helsinki 

I had a secondary occupation in teaching a course called Tietokoneen toiminta.

1.6.1986 - 31.1.1989 Tili- ja veroasiaintoimisto Eino Kuittinen Ky 

This was my first IT job as programmer of database applications for a small accounting company. I used a dBase compatible compiler called Clipper. I also made a connectivity study of IBM S/36.


I am an active radio amateur with seven single band world wins in the CQ World Wide Prefix contest and a membership in the DXCC Honor Roll of The American Radio Relay League, inc. I have all DXCC entities confirmed and a Five Band DXCC with supplements on 12, 17, 30, and 160 meter bands. 

I have been resident’s representative with Helsinki University Student Union’s Real Estate Division.

I have been the secretary of the IEEE Finland Section (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.). I was a co-editor of two local conference proceedings of the IEEE Finland Section and a co-writer of a book (Mikronkäyttäjän Tiedonhallintaopas). I used to write articles to a computing magazine called Tietoviikko. 

I was a member of the board of Sytyke ry, an association for data management professionals, and I was it’s representative at the annual meeting of Tietotekniikan liitto ry, a Finnish federation for ICT professionals.

Once upon a time I studied a little bit of Spanish. The idea was to learn enough to survive in South America. I dreamed of traveling around Argentina and Peru. Puerto Rico is the only place I have visited in that continent so far. Perhaps one day. 

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