Info of Real Time Meteorscatter+Aurora+GMF data plot & NightSkyCam+DaySkyCam

Real time data plot information

(Here: Real-Time means the plot is updated every 10 minutes - not that the graph is updated every millisecond.)
You can not zoom-in on the graph. It is just an image file (a window screenshot) now, thanks to Java's restrictive security policy, latest Java you most likely have updated to long ago, can not run this applet any more.
Ch 0  Meteor Scatter, occ. Aurora & AuE, duration 6 m
Ch 1  Meteor Scatter, occ. Aurora & AuE,, count 6 m
Ch 2  Meteor Scatter, occ. Es, duration OIRT FM
Ch 3  Meteor Scatter, occ. Es, count OIRT FM
Ch 4  Radio Aurora 144 MHz Back Scatter, duration
Ch 5  Geomagnetic field, X-component
Ch 6  Geomagnetic field, Y-component

Y-scales; Meteor reflections: Duration [minutes/10 minutes]. Meteor Counts: scaled/10 minutes .  Geomagnetic field: X- & Y-component's momentary values [imaginary unit]. Plot Y-scaling: automatic by the Java script on my home server.
X-scale; Time,  always 3 days (during normal operation), ticks: minutes since Jan. 1st 0000 UTC
Note: Unprocessed raw data

Data update interval is 10 minutes, with some minutes of extra delay now.

NightSkyCam and DaySkyCam image content information

At night (not during summer!) the image may show:


During daytime & summer the picture shows a broad view of N-E skies (but azimuth may vary) with:

Image update interval is 10 minutes.

Image resolution is 720 * 576 pixels, JPG with lowest possible compression.

Possible update problem situations

 If you get a bad/old plot, try to reload...again 10 minutes later. If fault persist, Web connection has been lost (usually a DHCP or FTP connection failure)
 possibly (but not always) causing my SW to crash, which will be manually restored later, usually the same day - as soon as everything works and
 I learn about it. Some temporary FTP failure periods occur, but recover without any action.

You can take a look from here, if there is, or has been, some problems at my IPS's systems.

Copyright 2005...2018    I. Yrjölä, OH5IY
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