Photos from Kiruna, Sweden (@ Meteoroids 2001 Conference)

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Town of Kiruna


LKAB Iron ore mining in Kiruna


EISCAT Radar receiving site near Kiruna

32 m (diam.) dish used for Auroral/ionospheric and other related scientific studies at 900 MHz.

Gudmund, SM2BYA, who is also active on 432 MHz EME, by the EISCAT receiver.

ESRANGE in the Kiruna area

ESRANGE is a launch site for rockets with 700 km max. altitude and for balloon flights with scientific payloads, and satellite control and data recovery and MST radar.

Ola, SM2CZG, the deputy director of the site, presents NEAT and live tracking data of balloon flight in progress.

ESRANGE flight control.

ESRANGE firing room and and housed launch pad.


IRF (Institut för Rymd Fysik) & university building, the conference site

Dr. Asta Pellinen-Wannberg, SM2UHV, XYL of SM2BYA, opening the conference. Read here about the week's program.

Space dust detectors, space environment test chambers.

Sub-mm radiotelescope for aeronomy.

Balloon payload for sampling upper atmospheric CFC gases and some particle detectors.

Jukkasjärvi, 20 km east of Kiruna

Jukkasjärvi Church, built 1608. Monika S. speaking about the wall paintings.

Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, everything is made of snow or ice, even the glasses. else...

Aurora Houses at Ice-Hotel (glass roof windows).


The highest mountain of the region, Kebnekaise vicinity can not be accessed by car. The road ends about 20 km before at Nikkaloukta - it rained a little almost all the time on 5 days and we had just one day of fair weather.

A lonely HF ham tower way south of Gällivare. Nothing heard on 145 MHz FM mobile.

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