8.11.1989 - 22.7.2009
Breeder Seija Suojakari
Photo Marjaana Manninen

My name is Minna. I like to play a lot. I play with my friend Tatsu and Jasmin or just by myself with my very dear toys. I have given birth to 4 kittens. First 2 boys and then 2 girls. Luckily there is Jasmin, whose babies I can take care of now when I am already retired from breeding. I don´t speak much  to my folks but I like purr a lot. Sometimes I had what my folks called tender moment when my folks get all my attention. I like also sitting on the table and watch  through the window what is happening outside. Best moments are in the summer when we are in cottage. I have so many things to do that in the evening when everybody should be inside my folks are forced to call me many times before I show up.  And what comes to the food I am always first to who is eating then come the Korats. I am also interested what my folks are eating. So sometimes I taste a little bit from their plates and I don´t really know why they become so upset of it. Pizza is a one of my favorites of folks food.