Originally CHRYSLER was 4D New Yorker -66 (6-window) and the bodychange has done in 1985 (because Finlandīs tax politics). I have owned the car from 1990 and it has been in dayly use every year from april to november. The bodyreplacement is carefully done. Front fenders, instrument panel and interior trim are also from 300.

In 1996 I started lowering the car, since especially when top was up, the car looked like a Massey-Ferguson.

top convertible

Convertible top has dropped (windshieldīs frame) 95 mm (4") and shafts have extended 65 mm (2,5"). Body has lowered 50 mm (2"). Wheels have been originally 14" (if disc brake option, 15"), so I didn`t need to change them smaller. Because I like Chrysler`s "squarebox"-models, I didnīt change the body more. Especially deep grille (painted mattblack) and taillights with bezels, which twist around the corner, look nice. Then I didnīt have to do anything else, but make a bit more sheet to the fenderskirts, weld side pipes, buy dummy spotlights, crub feelers and voėla, custom (?) was ready.
No, I lied. Itīs not complete (side windows, paint), but Iīll must got the car in use by next summer.

instrument panel engine
(If you want to hear Moparīs sound, click engine, au 344kt)

Driverīs side taillight is a bit broke, otherwise rear end is OK.

Sorry to say, but big sixties Chrysler convertible obviously isnīt the best wintercar.

foxcraftlake pipe

Then technic information:
  • NUMBER OF PRODUCTION: 2,500 total (300)
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 221.9" (564 cm)
  • WIDTH: 79.5" (202 cm)
  • INTERIOR: white leather, bucket seats, consol + Hurst, pw
  • ENGINE: FirePower 440 cid (350 hp), Offenhauser intake manifold, Holley 750 cfm
  • DIFFERENTIAL: 8ū, ratio 2.76:1 (in 300 should be 3.23:1), no Sure-Grip
  • BRAKES: Servo-Contant, one circuit drums, power, front 11"x3", rear 11"x2―"
  • STEERING: Constant-Control, power, turns 3.5 lock to lock

Chryslerīs selling day (4.7.2001)

Make man cry.

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