PIC 16C5X/XX Programmer

This is a implementation of David Taits PIC Programmer. The mentioned page contains software (with source code!) and original PCB layout. The Original PCB layout had one errors which I corrected and cleaned the PCB a bit (latest version date code for my PCB layout is 1999-01-17):


These errors are mainly at the silkscreen layer. So the PCB can be used if you built it already.

Some noes

I have now built this programmer and blank checked, programmed, verified the programming, dumped the hex file from the PIC, ASCII compared the input and output hex files (note that option byte and id locations have read only bits). This all to PIC16C54A-20/P and for the erasable -JW version. So I think may say that the design works.

Many thanks for Allan Meyer (admhou@wt.net), who has also successfully built this programmer, as he pointed out that Q5 C and E were swapped.

A Cautionary note!

I forgot the enviromment setting SET PPSOCK=2 to the AUTOEXEC.BAT and it caused the data not to be scrambled. I wondered why my oscillator was in RS-mode but I programmed it to be in HS mode. The reason was that data was not scrambled as it should be. The inverse scrambling was done during reading so the data verified OK. So use PPSOCK=2 only if you have wired the 18 pin socket so that scrambling is not needed!

If you build this card I am interested about the results, mail me.

The Protel MS-DOS freeware software can be downloaded as ZIP-File from Protel Site.

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