SSAVI Links and References

I have searched the net to find URLs containing the word "SSAVI" and containing some other info than descrambler ads.

Zenith Electronics has rather nice homepage describing their products in general.

Basic cable-tv scrambling system reference and glossary is found at FYI by Jim Cole. The same FAQ and some additions is also CATV + Wireless cable FAQ. A very videly copied document is p46-10.html, "Phrack Magazine - A Guide to Porno Boxes" by Carl Corey. It can be found at:

Other WWW documents mentioning SSAVI are overair.txt, "Pirating cable TV, Over the air pay-tv scrambling" by LOGIC GOD: and cable2.txt "The SSAVI Cable Scrambling System", by Mad Phone-man:

A descrambler construction (that is claimed to work in Helsinki/Finland at least somehow) can be loaded from:

Another SSAVI descrambler construction details (NTSC only so far) is available at Connectrix site. Schematics, Partlist, Placement, and PCB Layout available. There is also old version of Code commented in Polish!.

Original design by Magicboxes has a small PIC card decoding SSAVI. The PIC code ("source code" i.e. disassembly) partlist and PROTEL (+ Shareware EasyTrax) PCB file, and schematics is available. This device is for NTSC only so PAL redesign was necessary.

Jens has 3chip software converted for PAL system (systems B and G). Herr HU has also some interesting information about SSAVI systems. Dave2 has more info about 3chip design. He has also a page about Scrambling systems.

A Dutch version of SSAVI decoder can be found here. This decoder contains all necessary functions but the working of the device is unknown. The zip contains two .bmp files (print.bmp and comp.bmp) for PCB layout and parts placement. The Readme.doc seems to be in M$ Word format. Zip file does not contain schematics though :-(

A book World Satellite TV and Scrambling Methods mentions SSAVI in a very general discussion. The book discusses mainly about scrambling systems in satellite broadcasting. The scrambling part has been written by John McCormac.

Two U.S. Patents describe system very similar to this:

Earliest reference of SSAVI is: G. Bock, "So funktioniert Scrambling", Funkschau, Nr. 8/1985, pp 58-61, 12. April 1985. The system was named as BBS by names (Bosch, Braun, and Siemens). The name Zenith was also mentioned in parenthesis.

Radio Electronics had a series TV SIGNAL DESCRAMBLING in 9 parts (June 86 - July 87). Parts 4 and 5 discuss about SSAVI:

The SSAVI is discussed in a further series which adds only very little to the previous series and lasts from August 92 to July 93. The name of the magazine has been changed to Electronics Now. SSAVI is discussed in:

Updated: 1999-06-07