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Hi and welcome! You have found your way to the Internet site of Roni, an Icelandic sheepdog. His official name is Tunturiketun Roni (FIN30071/02 B). Roni was born on the 22 June 2002 in Finland. His sire is Fjalla-Freki (FIN & EST CH, FIN OBEDIENCE CH, ESTW-02, BH) from Iceland and dame Wadsteinas Katla from Sweden. You will find Roni's pedigree here. Roni has healthy hips (B), knees (0/0), elbows (0/0) and eyes. His hight was about 44 cm in October 2003. Roni has an excellent, mostly reddish brown coat. He is a short-haired  Icelandic sheepdog. He has single dew-claws in the rear legs and double dew-claws in the both hind legs.

Roni's "human pack" consists of Paula, Reino, Heidi and Kajsa. Paula is the owner and also the handler in obedience, scent work and tracking. Kajsa is the handler in the dog shows, match shows and Junior Handler competitions. Kajsa is good in IT, so she is the webmaster of this site. You can send the questions concerning the site to Kajsa

Roni is a happy and social young lad who loves to play with his canine friends in the forests or in the dog parks. Roni is a rather silent Icelandic sheepdog. However, he will comment if any magpies or crows fly over our backyard or if any squirrels jump in the nearby trees. Roni also tells in the morning of any working day that it isn't nice to be left alone. But the barking will cease withing a few minutes and he has never bitten or destroed any property during the working days.

We train agility, obedience, scent work and tracking with Roni. Agility is his favourite sport. Roni has trained as eagerly and without any fear all agility obstacles. However, he tends to like "the A" most.

During 2003 Roni participated many dog shows. Of 18 dog shows (and in the official classes) he got 16 times quality assessment "excellent". He also got 13 certificates, 3 reserv sertificates and 1 cacib. He was 9 times BIB and once BOS. Of 2 dog shows he got the qualitya assessment "very good". All these results Roni got between te 19th of April and the 6th of December (9 - 18 months). 

There are about 170 photos of the life of Roni in the photo gallery.

If you want to get more information about Roni, we are more than happy to answer  your questions. You can send e-mail to Paula.

We would appreciate very much your opinions about Roni and this site. Please feel free to write your comments and greetings in our Guest Book

Thanks for visiting us! Welcome again! Wuf!

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