First there was a plan to make a Coupé -version of Xantia also. This, unfortunately, didn´t work out. Maybe Citroën make a decision that there is no enought market for such a product. We can only quess about the performance of this beautiful Coupé. It may had have V6-motor from XM. In the picture-site is my vision of Coupé Xantia.

Heuliez designed in 1996 a convertible version of Xantia. Unfortunately this idea didn´t never see the day light. This Xantia had retractable hardtop.

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Styling and concept research Xantia Coupé and Xantia hardtop


Heuliez designed also four wheel drived Xantia Break called Buffalo 4x4.

This cars interior, where extensive use is made of buffalo hide, wool and cachmere in suberb colours, has been designed to provide a modern look that provides quality and comfort.
Click to enlarge Xantia Buffalos mechanical features are the result of a join project involving the British Group FDR-RICARDO which is know worldwide for its transmission systems and chassis.


Technical characteristic of the prototype:
  • 2.1 TD with 115hv
  • Continous four wheel drive
  • Central LSD (viscous coupling)
  • TORSEN-type rear differential
  • Adjustable hydroactive hydraulic suspension


  • Length 4660mm
  • Widht 1790mm
  • Height 1460mm
  • Weight 1485kg





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