MUME-miitti - Helsinki, Tuska Open Air Festival 2002

Group at beer area

Stadi, Cararion, Pinja, Burb, James, Calmacil (band Sentenced playing background)

Group at own drinks area

Stadi, Crysania, Calmacil, Pinja, Cararion, Burb

Burb goes linkless.

Burb, Cararion, Pinja

Ydy flexes his muscles.

Ydy, Zen

"I have a big warsword at home I could show you!"

Elven farmer, elven girl, Crysania, Ydy on right

Burb backstabs Ydy!

Someone, Burb, Ydy

Hail to true metal!

Ydy, Crysania

Burb comforts Pinja.





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