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Founded in 2003 by four Finnish folk music enthusiasts – Riitta Bergroth, Milla Metsola, Pipa Paljakka and Virpi Sahi – the Inehmo vocal ensemble focuses on traditional music of Finno-Ugrian origin. The members have been collaborating for years in various folk music ensembles, studying different ethnic vocal techniques.

The repertoire consists mainly of the ensemble’s own arrangements. The basic idea is to combine Finnish folk poetry with traditional melodies originating from different Finno-Ugrian peoples, including Ingrian, Mordvinian, Mari and Seto. As their main source of lyrics Inehmo relies on The Ancient Poems of the Finnish People, the world’s largest published collection of folk poetry, comprising 34 volumes. The repertoire also includes songs with original lyrics from Mordvia, Karelia and Setoland.

Inehmo has performed mostly in the Helsinki area, the home base of the ensemble, and also in several other cities in Finland, at festivals, folk music events and on private occasions. The first CD was released in 2007.

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Photo: Tapio Lindholm