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Baltic Font for MicroStation

A Demo-version of "90-series" Baltic Font (Font98) is available.

Unzip zip-file ( and put the rsc-file into the directory, where MS_SYMBRSRC env. variable is pointing to
( e.g.. "ms-root"\wsmod\default\symb\ ) MS 95, MS SE and MS GeoOutlook
( and. "ms-root"\Workspace\standards\symb\ or "ms-root"\Workspace\system\symb\ ) MS/J
and restart MicroStation.

The outlook of characters in Font 98 is according to the ISO 3098 standard. Picture (f98.svf, 139.5 kB)

Baltic characters, according to Windows Code Page 1257 coding, replace characters DEC170, DEC186 and DEC192 - DEC255
used in Fonts 90-93.

Janko's Keyboard Generator for Win95 & Win98.

The Demo-versio does not include UPPER-case Baltic characters, but you can test e.g. the keyboard functioning with it.

The "full"-version of Font98 is a commercial product with a "user friendly" pricing.

In case You are interested in Fonts 98, please contact CAD Partner Oy.

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